MIT Sloan Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation

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This track introduces breakthrough concepts that can help to identify, capture, and deliver on great ideas and to successfully drive innovation throughout the organization. Participants learn new strategic approaches and tools for managing products, technology, and innovation, as well as for discovering new sources of profitability.

MIT Sloan School of Management is world-renowned for the development and advancement of strategic and innovative management methods and practices. That's why we continually reevaluate and enrich our program material to address the most critical business issues in the area of strategic innovation.

For example, this year, we are offering two innovative new programs: Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Execution and Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics. Participants in Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Execution will leave with a comprehensive model of strategy execution, data-based insights from a state-of-the-art survey that will help pinpoint concrete opportunities to improve an organization’s execution capacity, best practices from some of the most effective organizations in the world, and a strategy for execution that is easy to communicate and translate into action.

Participants of Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics will gain a fundamental understanding of the digital advertising ecosystem and attribution and pricing models for digital advertising, the essentials of web and app analytics and KPIs for web traffic and commerce, an understanding of search engine marketing, advertising, ad auctions, and more.

To earn an MIT Sloan Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation, participants must choose three programs, plus a fourth program from any of the three tracks.

Programs in this Executive Certificate Track:

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