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Cutting-edge insights serve as the constant source and the foundation of our new programs.

New In-Person Courses:

Achieving Operational Excellence Through People: Delivering Superior Value to Customers, Employees, and Shareholders
This program is designed to help executives leading service businesses create an operating system that delivers superior value to customers, shareholders, and employees all at the same time. Through a combination of interactive case studies, lectures, and videos you will learn about the key elements of the good jobs strategy and how to implement the good jobs strategy in your organization.

Analytics Management: Business Lessons from the Sports Data Revolution
Are you looking to take your analytics strategy to the next level? Tap into the best practices from the sports industry’s analytics revolution. This new program provides executives the opportunity to step back and engage in the guided strategic thinking necessary to develop, refine, and implement an analytics program for their organization.

Cybersecurity Leadership for Non-Technical Executives
Cybersecurity issues are not purely a technology problem—they are multi-headed hydras that need to be addressed with a multi-disciplinary approach. This timely new program provides general managers with a holistic approach to keeping your company secure.

Future Family Enterprise: Sustaining Multigenerational Success
This new program for multigenerational families will help you understand and implement the important driving factors of long-term, enduring, family enterprise success. The course also examines where family enterprises are going and what will drive their success in the future economy.

Implementing Enterprise-Wide Transformation
This research-driven and practitioner-led program is designed to help senior executives avert failure, creative cultures of agility and resiliency, and develop a customized blueprint for large-scale transformation in their organization.

Implementing Industry 4.0: Leading Change in Manufacturing and Operations
In the race to implement new manufacturing technologies and systems such as Industrial Internet of Things, it is often forgotten that factories and operations already have systems in place – and these systems may vigorously resist any change forced upon them. We believe that the first priority in implementing large scale changes in industrial operations should be to make this invisible part of the system, often referred to as a “hidden factory”, visible. The identification and creative elimination of these “hidden factories” will immediately result in an increase in a facility's “IQ,” leading to more productive and safer operations. As a critical aspect of large scale change in industrial operations, we will discuss how to develop a company culture that puts people first in the new world of Industry 4.0 and the IIoT.

Innovating in Existing Markets: Reviving Mature Products and Services
This new program is designed to help you innovate around your existing products to make them more compelling, useful, and valuable.

Innovation Ecosystems for Leaders: A New Approach to Accelerating Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Based on MIT’s research into the science of ‘innovation ecosystems’, this course will equip executives with the high-level frameworks and tools necessary to understand their innovation landscape. Specifically, it will allow them to capture ‘innovation-driven entrepreneurial advantage’ by providing leadership as stakeholders in innovation ecosystem. They will learn ways to assess both their own local ecosystem and others as potential locations for innovation centers; and ways to partner with startup entrepreneurs, research universities, ‘risk capital’ providers and other corporate/government stakeholders.

Leading People at Work: Strategies for Talent Analytics
Talent analytics is a data-driven approach to improving people-related decisions for the purpose of advancing both individual and organizational success. While business leaders still make key decisions about their workforce based on intuition, experience, advice, and guesswork, the collection and systematic analysis of data can vastly improve this decision-making. In this new course, we will explore a number of strategies used to attract and retain top talent and illustrate how these strategies are being designed and used at cutting-edge companies.

New Online Courses:

Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy
With a focus on the organizational and managerial implications of AI technologies, rather than on their technical aspects, participants will leave this course armed with the knowledge and confidence needed to pioneer its successful integration in business.

Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application
This program draws on economic theory to offer participants a deep and practical understanding of blockchain technology, and to effectively demonstrate its meaningful capacity for innovation and efficiency in business.

Business Process Design for Strategic Management
Learn to optimize business processes through Dynamic Work Design, a set of principles and methods for achieving sustainable improvement efforts of any scale, in any industry, and in any function.

Digital Business Strategy: Harnessing Our Digital Future
Explore how new and existing business strategies can be improved through the rebalancing of three key relationships: Minds and Machines, Products and Platforms, and the Core and the Crowd.

Digital Marketing Analytics
This program provides you with an overview of the best approaches and practices in digital marketing measurements and analysis, and offers an understanding of how these tools can be integrated to inform strategic direction.

Internet of Things: Business Implications and Opportunities
Explore the opportunities for your business with IoT, from demystifying and defining IoT to creating a roadmap for its real-world application.

Mastering Design Thinking (self-paced online)
Design thinking is a powerful process of problem solving that begins with understanding unmet customer needs. From that insight emerges a process for innovation that encompasses concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation.

At MIT Sloan Executive Education, we’re always working to create new programs to help you learn the latest in management thinking, address emerging technologies, overcome your biggest challenges, and stay ahead of the competition. Check this page frequently to stay up-to-date on our latest offerings.

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