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Program Ratings and Reviews
MIT Sloan School of Management is the first among top business schools to offer user reviews and ratings of our executive education programs to help you choose a program that best suits your business education goals. We believe that in order to teach innovation, we need to be innovative. Cutting-edge concepts like Collective Intelligence, from the research of Professor Tom Malone, and Trust-based Marketing, studied by Professor Glen Urban, are at the foundation of this initiative to provide a public forum for sharing experience and learning from our executive education programs.

Why We Offer Ratings and Reviews
We believe that a key aspect of the superior quality and popularity of our programs is our faculty's openness to feedback and their desire to create programs that are highly relevant in today's business community. Like most other schools, we privately collect real-time feedback during programs, which we use to fine tune the programs even while they are being delivered, to improve future programs, and for strategic planning of our program portfolio. What's unique, however, is that some time after they have finished a program, we now also ask participants to reflect on the program experience, what they learned and how they are applying it back at work, and to share this feedback publicly through our reviews and ratings system.

How Ratings and Reviews Are Done
For each open enrollment program, you can see reviews and ratings that are actual participants' feedback, shared after completing a program, once they have had the time to start applying what they have learned in our classrooms to real-world situations.

Ratings are based on a five-star scale along four categories: the overall impression of the program; the applicability of material to their work; relevance of the program's insights and takeaways; and the program's social learning experience as it relates to engagement with faculty and networking opportunities with fellow participants.

Reviews are written by program participants in their own words. We do not edit the reviews at all. In the very unlikely event that we feel compelled to remove a review or comment, for example if it has been flagged as abusive by other users, we will contact the contributor and encourage them to resubmit a review or comment that is not offensive. Only people who have taken a program have the ability to write or edit their own review.

How You Can Use Reviews and Ratings
Reviews and Ratings are designed to assist you in finding a program that fits your needs, with the help of executives who have attended a particular program and shared their experience online. If, after reading the program's description and reviews, you have further questions, please feel free to contact us for more information at sloanexeced@mit.edu.

How To Submit A Review
Once you have completed an MIT Sloan Executive Education program, you will see a link on your Profile page next to each program you have completed. Simply click on the link next to a program to submit a review and rating; you can also edit or remove your reviews after you have submitted them. When you are writing your review, please consider how other users may find your review helpful in considering which MIT Sloan Executive Education programs best fit their needs.

Please note that we do not edit or remove reviews.  However, if a review is flagged by other users as inappropriate or offensive, we will contact you to address the situation and during that period, we may suspend the review.

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