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Previously Recorded Webinars:

Cassandra Frangos will share her insights on the different routes to the C-Suite—and the many dynamics along the way. Watch now.

Learn more in Strategies for Career Development: Charting Your Path to the C-Suite.

In this webinar, John Davis revealed and dissected some of the key ingredients required today for the long-term survival and success of a family enterprise. Watch now.

John Davis teaches in our new family enterprise programs: Future Family Enterprise: Sustaining Multigenerational Success, Founder to Family: Sustaining Family Business Success, and Leading and Transforming Family Business - China.

Innovation Ecosystems: Leveraging their Power for Organizational Success and Strategic Change with Fiona Murray and Phil Budden. December 18, 2018. Watch now.

Phil and Fiona teach in Innovation Ecosystems: A New Approach to Accelerating Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation: Strategies for Leveraging Ecosystems (self-paced online).

To thrive in the new digital economy, businesses of all sizes will need to reinvent themselves and substantially change their organizations. During the presentation, Peter Weill demonstrated how exploring six key questions can help you clarify where you are today, and what's needed to move toward a higher-value digital business model. The recording of this webinar will not be made available. For more information on this topic visit this website.

Weill teaches in Custom Programs and was instrumental in shaping the short course, Revitalizing Your Digital Business Model.

Webinar with Don Kieffer. Watch now.

Continuous improvement strategies such as Lean Six Sigma or the Toyota Production System are well understood in the context of the factory floor. What many executives don’t realize, however, is that when properly applied, the concepts and principles underpinning these methods produce even quicker and more powerful results in the office.

Don teaches in Business Process Design for Strategic Management (self-paced online). He formerly taught in Implementing Improvement Strategies: Dynamic Work Design.

In this hour long webinar, Bob Pozen shared tips that will make you more productive. Watch now.

You may also be interested in his course, Maximizing Your Personal Productivity: How to Become an Efficient and Effective Executive.

Drawing from her study of 144 breakthrough initiatives in large organizations—as well as fascinating survey results from over 300 firms—Dr. Stephanie Woerner familiarized participants with the significant changes, risks, and opportunities enabled by digitization. Watch now.

Woerner teaches in Revitalizing Your Digital Business Model.

Although decision making in sports is different from that of other industries, the similarities can reveal how analytics, if effectively deployed, can lead to better decisions and more successful organizations. Learn more in this complimentary webinar with Ben Shields. Watch now.

You may also be interested in Ben's new course, Analytics Management: Business Lessons from the Sports Data Revolution.

In this webinar, John Carrier discusses the seven most common systemic errors your company is likely to make when attempting to integrate the Industrial Internet of Things into your existing system. Watch now.

John Carrier teaches in the new program: Implementing Industry 4.0: Leading Change in Manufacturing and Operations.

There are many ways to describe an organization—as a machine, an organism, a community, a distributed intelligence, or even a battlefield. More than just a metaphor, the lens by which you view your own organization is very powerful and can affect your ability to lead organizational change. Watch now.

John Van Maanen teaches in Leading Change in Complex Organizations; the Greater Boston Executive Program; and Implementing Industry 4.0: Leading Change in Manufacturing and Operations.

In this webinar, Deborah Ancona introduces MIT's unique leadership perspective—a powerful, innovative approach to executive leadership that will help you make your organization more knowledge-driven and more innovative. Watch now.

Ancona teaches in Transforming Your Leadership Strategy and Neuroscience for Leadership.

Explore the dynamics of the climate interactively and suggest what we can do both professionally and personally to build a safer, sustainable world. Known as C-ROADS, this award-winning modeling software has been used by more than 15,000 people, including policy makers and negotiators, in 53 nations around the world, and is freely available to participants in the webinar. Watch now.

John Sterman teaches in Strategies for Sustainable Business, Business Dynamics: MIT's Approach to Diagnosing and Solving Complex Business Problems, and Understanding and Solving Complex Business Problems.

Learn a cutting-edge, demand-shaping application that can have a tremendous impact on retailers’ top and bottom lines. In this complimentary, one-hour webinar, Professor David Simchi-Levi will present recent breakthroughs in the development of models that combine "machine learning" and optimization for pricing that significantly improve revenue and reduce inventory risks. Watch now.

Simchi-Levi teaches in Supply Chain Strategy and Management. You may also be interested in our online course with Catherine Tucker, Pricing 4Dx (live online).

Social, mobile, analytics, the cloud, the Internet of Things—the confluence of these five advances is disrupting industries. And this list is growing. Companies who simply adapt their technology to the way they do business are missing the boat. Leading-edge businesses are instead adapting their businesses to the capabilities these technologies provide. Not all businesses are born digital. If your company needs to articulate and implement a forward-thinking digital strategy, listen to MIT Sloan’s Jeanne Ross in her webinar, Digital Disruption: Transforming Your Company for the Digital Economy.

Ross presents recent research to help you define a digital strategy that is responsive to changing customer demands, new technology capabilities, and organizational learning. Watch now.

Ross teaches in Revitalizing Your Digital Business Model.

Neuroscience for Leadership with Tara Swart. November 12, 2015. This was a live only event.
MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer, medical doctor, neuroscientist, and leadership coach, Dr. Tara Swart explained how to harness neuroscience to keep your brain flexible—and manifest personal and professional change. To learn more about this topic see Swart's related courses Neuroscience for Leadership and Applied Neuroscience: Unleashing Brain Power for You and Your People.

Companies from Toyota to GE use product platform strategies—the reuse of components, core technology, and design solutions across a range of products—to deliver more variety to their customers, lower costs, and compete more effectively. Recent research suggests, however, that many companies do not succeed in becoming platform leaders because their strategies fail to adequately tackle both the technology and business aspects of platform leadership. Bruce Cameron shares how product platforming can deliver ROI for your organization.

Cameron teaches in Managing Product Platforms: Delivering Variety and Realizing Synergies.

Learn how your organization can be more productive, effective, and intelligent by harnessing organizational approaches made possible by the latest communications technologies. Drawing on numerous case studies, Professor Tom Malone illustrates how collective intelligence works, and what it can do for your organization. Watch now.

Malone teaches in Intelligent Organizations 4Dx (live online).

In Exploring the Innovator's DNA, Hal Gregersen shared findings from his eight-year, international research project that sought a richer understanding of disruptive innovators—who they are and how they arrive at value-generating ideas. Watch now.

Gregersen teaches in The Innovator's DNA: Mastering Five Skills For Disruptive Innovation and Innovation and Images: Exploring the Intersections of Leadership and Photography.

In today's digital era, visual communication is king. We are constantly bombarded by visual stimuli that we decode rapidly and often without conscious thought. Did you know that words and images are actually processed in different parts of your brain? Are you the master of the visual messages that you are sending personally, professionally, and on behalf of your organization? Watch now.

Edward Schiappa teaches in Communication and Persuasion in the Digital Age.

Effective organizational leadership means connecting the dots between vision and strategy. MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer Douglas Ready provides a leadership formula with game-changing results. Watch now.

Ready teaches in Building Game-Changing Organizations: Aligning Purpose, Performance, and People and Implementing Enterprise-Wide Transformation.

Professor Zeynep Ton examines how organizations can design and manage their operations in a way that everyone--employees, customers, and investors--wins. Referencing research from her popular book, The Good Jobs Strategy: How the Smartest Companies Invest in Employees to Lower Costs and Boost Profits, Ton makes the compelling case that even in low-cost settings, leaving employees behind with bad jobs is a choice, not a necessity. Watch now.

Zeynep Ton teaches in Strategies for Sustainable Business and The Good Jobs Strategy: Delivering Superior Value to Customers, Shareholders, and Employees.

MIT Sloan Professor Duncan Simester discusses the customer evaluation process of products and services, as well the role of branding in the consumer decision process, and how customers make trade-offs. This event illustrates how customers search for information, how they make inferences about products/services and companies, and ultimately how these factors impact their purchasing decision. Watch Now.

Duncan Simester teaches in Driving Strategic Innovation: Achieving High Performance Throughout the Value Chain.

MIT Sloan Professor Nelson Repenning shares real-world examples of how organizations can increase adoption of business improving tools, technologies, and processes—from lean production methods to virtual communication systems. Watch Now.

Nelson Repenning teaches in Implementing Improvement Strategies: Practical Tools and Methods; Business Process Design for Strategic Management (self-paced online); and Business Dynamics: MIT's Approach to Diagnosing and Solving Complex Business Problems.

MIT Sloan Professor Steven Eppinger—author of one of the most widely used texts on product development—speaks about how the essential elements of “design thinking” can be applied with great success to product and service innovation. Watch Now.

Steven Eppinger teaches in Managing Complex Technical Projects and Systematic Innovation of Products, Processes, and Services.

MIT Senior Lecturer and serial entrepreneur Bill Aulet discusses how to better understand and explore successful examples of entrepreneurship and innovation in the global marketplace. This webinar is also an opportunity to hear the latest trends in the marketplace and academia, as well as Aulet’s thoughts on them. Watch Now.

Bill Aulet teaches in the Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Social media in the workplace Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms is expanding at a dizzying pace. New technologies and business models have raced ahead, and the law is playing catch-up. Every day business managers face many new questions, often with legal implications, but find few clear answers. How should a manager approach risks and opportunities in this shifting, uncertain legal environment? Watch Now.

In many companies, the relationship between IT departments and business leaders is like a troubled marriage. Miscommunication is rife, leaving executives struggling to improve the situation. Dr. George Westerman, research scientist at the MIT Center for Digital Business and author of the recent Wall Street Journal article " IT Is From Venus, Non-IT Is From Mars," knows that transparent communication can help. Watch Now.

George Westerman teaches in Essential IT for Non-IT Executives and Internet of Things: Business Implications and Opportunities (self-paced online).

How do some organizations achieve exceptional levels of sustained improvement and performance that put their rivals to shame? This 60-minute webinar, which samples key content from Steven Spear's popular MIT Sloan Executive Education course, will prove that sustainable competitive advantages can be won by creating the capacity within an organization to improve and innovate faster and more consistently. Watch Now.

Steven Spear teaches in Creating High Velocity Organizations.

The Disciplined Entrepreneurship Webinar with Bill Aulet

In this webinar, Bill Aulet discusses takeaways from his bestselling book, "Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup." Bill also shares details about his Entrepreneurship Development Program.

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