Neuroscience for Leadership


This course will be offered live online, "in real time", via Zoom. Please view the "Live Online" tab for additional information.

This program will provide hands-on application of concepts and techniques deriving from brain research and psychology that can improve your individual leadership performance, as well as that of your team and organization.

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Neuroscience for Leadership
Certificate Track: Management and Leadership
Location: Live Online
Tuition: $4,300
Program Days (for ACE Credit) 2

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Research in the cognitive sciences is leading us to a greater understanding of how to improve personal and leadership behaviors and performance. Those who grasp the meaning and implications of this research will be positioned to take competitive advantage. This program provides hands-on application of concepts and techniques deriving from neuroscience and psychology that can improve your individual performance, as well as that of your team and organization.

Neuroscience for Leadership focuses on:

  • Your stuck neural patterns as a leader
  • The power of neuroplasticity in unleashing your brain agility and resilience
  • Creating the conditions for success in your organization by leading teams and shifting the culture from fear to trust
  • Visioning the future using the power of storytelling

Issues we will examine include:

  • How neuroscience techniques can be applied to leadership development
  • Understanding the scope of agility and diversity of thinking in adult brains
  • Mindsets—can you move from fixed to growth?
  • Deeply embedded leadership patterns and immunity to change
  • Basic human emotions and mindfulness
  • Cultural diversity and creativity
  • Ecosystem leadership

Participants will be offered brain-friendly catering, guided meditation, optional yoga class, and a confidential brain profiler report.

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Participant Testimonial

"Excellent program. A great experience masterfully carried out by the professors Ancona and Swart, totally recommended to know better the capacities to carry out an intensive leadership from the point of view of the neuroscience." -Pablo Rodriguez C.

A Yoga Session in Neuroscience for Leadership

Course participants can engage in a yoga session and explore the science behind how our mind, body, and productivity levels are intertwined. The course provides concepts derived from the latest in brain research to improve individual leadership performance.


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