Greater Boston Leadership Program

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Based on MIT Sloan's original Greater Boston Executive Program that has a 50+ year legacy in the Boston area, this program provides managers with current, research-based frameworks for understanding and improving leadership capabilities, the implementation of organization changes, and the management of human resources. This general management program combines the benefits of seminar discussions among representatives from companies operating in the Greater Boston area in an advanced management course and provides a stimulus for continued study.

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Greater Boston Leadership Program
Certificate Track: Management and Leadership
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Tuition: $12,500 (excluding accommodations)
Program Days (for ACE Credit) 8

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The Greater Boston Leadership Program prepares high-potential professionals for executive leadership. By incorporating new research concepts and management practices, this intensive, eight-week program helps executives to enhance their people management skills, leadership capabilities, and ability to direct and carry out necessary organizational changes. Participants will learn how to apply findings from the behavioral sciences to build stronger organizations and graduate better equipped to lead change, organize for innovation, and manage an increasingly technical workforce. The program’s frameworks and modules are complemented by the small class size, close student-faculty interaction, and the diversity of topics and participant backgrounds.

The course will be held on eight Mondays (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) over nine weeks beginning March 11, 2019 and ending on May 6, 2019. There will be no class on Patriots Day (April 15, 2018). Participants who complete the program will receive both a GBEP certificate of completion and an MIT Sloan Executive Education Certificate in Management and Leadership.

Course curriculum is divided into three main topic areas:

The leadership-focused sessions will introduce participants to MIT’s Four Capabilities Leadership Framework, a powerful tool for understanding and integrating four critical components of leadership—sense-making, relating, visioning, and inventing. This segment of the course will develop the participants’ ability to practice these capabilities through cases, experiential exercises, role-plays, videos, and self-assessments.

Organizational Change
Organizations are changing rapidly in an increasingly uncertain world; dealing with these changes requires new skills and attitudes on the part of managers. This segment is concerned with the strategic, political, and cultural aspects of leading individuals and groups within and among organizations. Understanding how organizations and groups behave and change is necessary if managers are to act effectively in their current and future positions. Participants will engage in case discussions, small group problem solving exercises, and a computer simulation designed to provide insight and skill when leading organizational change.

Strategic Human Resource Management
While employees have always been central to the functioning of organizations, today they have taken on an even more critical role in the building of a firm’s competitive advantage. The effective employment of human resources in order to improve company performance is the essence of human resource management. This segment of the course approaches personnel and HRM problems and challenges from the general manager’s standpoint, combining up-to-date research findings with case materials and views HR theory and practice in light of current and emerging trends in the workplace. 

Note: This program was formerly entitled The Greater Boston Executive Program.


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