Multi-Registration Discounts

Multiple Program Registration Discount
When you register at one time for two or more programs (using a single application form), you are eligible for a 15% discount on each additional program. (e.g., If you are enrolling in three 2-day programs, the first program to occur chronologically would be at the full price and the two additional programs would be at the discounted price.)

This discount is particularly valuable to participants enrolling in multiple programs in pursuit of an Executive Certificate, as well as participants who include our week-long programs in their certificate plans.

Team Discount
Teams of three or more participants from a single organization attending a program together are eligible for a 15% group tuition discount. For example, a team of three participants from the same company attending Transforming Your Leadership Strategy will pay $3,315 each, rather than the full price of $3,900 each.

We hope that our team discount encourages companies to send teams of employees to attend a program together, enabling them to develop a shared language and understanding of the program concepts and tools, and to apply their learning with greater impact in their organizations.

Please note: There is a cap on the number of participants from an organization who can attend a single session of a program; this cap is tied to the maximum capacity for a session and varies from session to session. Please contact the Program Registration Team at to inquire about the maximum number of participants allowed for the session of interest.

Discount Exclusions
Click here to see the list of programs that do not accept discounts of any kind.