MIT Sloan Family Enterprise Programs

Disruption and change are shortening time horizons for all businesses, but family businesses have extra layers of complexity—the future success of the business is inseparable from the well-being of the family—and all the more reason to be better educated about the future.

We are excited to welcome John Davis, a renowned authority in the family enterprise field, to MIT Sloan and look forward to exploring in depth the issues and challenges of family ownership and sustaining multigenerational success.

Learn more in the following new programs:

Future Family Enterprise: Sustaining Multigenerational Success
Recent research indicates that most families that achieve financial success—typically through a family company—lose their success within three generations. Why do some family enterprises derail while others prosper? This new program for multigenerational families will help you understand and implement the important driving factors of long-term, enduring, family enterprise success. The course also examines where family enterprises are going and what will drive their success in the future economy.

Founder to Family: Sustaining Family Business Success
Successful founder-stage businesses are enviable powerhouses in many ways, but they face unique and complex challenges as they transition to the second generation of sibling owners and leaders. This program explores the crucial issues, useful strategies, and pivotal conversations required to implement an effective handoff to the second generation and to shape a meaningful future role for the founder.

Transforming Family Businesses: Choosing Your Path
This program is designed to help leaders of Chinese family enterprises develop sound growth strategies, strengthen their organizations, and build a firm foundation for long-term success. The program is taught in both Mandarin and English with simultaneous translation.

"My family and I attended the MIT Family Business Program and have to say it was an amazingly insightful experience for us. Thanks to his academic research and lifelong experience guiding family businesses around the world, Prof. Davis gave us the tools, frameworks and advice that we need to help us address our family business as a dynamic and evolving organization. Prof. Davis immediately identifies the key structural and emotional factors to address and solve issues that are unconsciously present within families." - Irad Hassanaly, Executive Director, CERIEX, 2nd generation family member

Recently Recorded Webinar with Prof. John Davis

Recently Recorded Webinar with Prof. John Davis

A New Formula for the Long-term Survival and Success of Family Enterprises

In this webinar, John Davis shares specific activities that a family-owned enterprise needs to be good at to survive and prosper.