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"At MIT Sloan, we found great peoplegood friendstotally committed to our transformation. MIT people are committed to solving problems. We realized we could tap their exceptional resources to set up processes and systems essential to making us a world-class corporation." 
—Marco Dalpozzo, Human Resources and Organizational Development Director, Vale, Brazil

Influential companies around the world engage MIT Sloan to help transform their organization, develop skilled technical leaders, and embark upon strategic business initiatives that require new thinking, methods, and processes.

Here, at the intersection of management and technology, we offer companies a powerful and unique integration of knowledge, experience, and resources. True to our motto Mens et Manus (Mind and Hand), MIT Sloan’s custom programs give participants an opportunity to apply MIT-developed frameworks to actual problems and opportunities, both in the classroom and back at their organization.

Our world-renowned faculty will work closely with you to integrate their proven and practical research with your company’s strategy and technology. This deep level of collaboration results in learning experiences that produce measurable and sustainable change.

What Can MIT Sloan Do For Your Organization?

Transforming Organizations
Custom programs can help your organization respond to technological disruption, globalization, scientific discovery, digitization, and other environmental pressures. Curriculum can be designed to help you:

  • Reinvent or transition your business model
  • Enable business leaders to convene and expand their thinking in a specific area of focus
  • Shape your organizational culture in support of a new strategy
  • Bridge gaps among teams working around the world

Read how MIT Sloan helped The Fung Group to establish and reinforce a shared business culture across multinational operations.

Developing Leadership Capabilities
For roles that require a synthesis of technical and business acumen, custom programs can focus on developing the rare and precious skills required of tomorrow’s leaders. Curriculum can be designed to help you:

  • Evolve high-potential managers into capable future leaders
  • Retain and grow key technical experts
  • Raise the performance of your top professionals
  • Catalyze trust-building and cooperation among leaders in an open learning environment

Read how MIT Sloan helped Aker Solutions develop high-potential project managers into future organizational leaders.

Launching Strategic Initiatives
Custom programs help executives deliver on strategic business goals in areas where MIT is a thought leader—such as innovation, sustainability, digitization, operational excellence, safety, globalization, and customer-centricity. Curriculum can be designed to:

  • Expose participants to leading-edge research in fields directly related to their work
  • Communicate business and science methodologies at a high level
  • Teach frameworks for creating innovative product development platforms
  • Align with key strategic milestones

Read how MIT Sloan helped News Corporation increase ROI with IT.

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MIT Sloan’s custom programs give participants an opportunity to apply MIT-developed theories to actual problems and opportunities, both in the classroom and back at their organization.