Innovation Ecosystems: A New Approach to Accelerating Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship


This course will be offered live online, "in real time", via Zoom. Please view the "Live Online" tab for additional information.

Based on MIT's research into the science of innovation ecosystems, this course equips executives with the high-level frameworks and tools necessary to understand innovation and entrepreneurship in the ecosystems around them, shift to a more effective ecosystem-based open innovation approach, and design programs to engage effectively with external stakeholders.

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Innovation Ecosystems: A New Approach to Accelerating Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Certificate Track: Strategy and Innovation
Location: Live Online
Tuition: $4,300
Program Days (for ACE Credit) 2

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Innovation is a driver of productivity, competitive advantage, and enterprise value. But it does not happen in a vacuum. Innovation requires connections, just as entrepreneurship does, among key stakeholders—entrepreneurs, universities, risk capital providers, government, and large corporations. These connections are increasingly taking place in “innovation ecosystems” and through programs such as accelerators, hackathons, prize competitions, and co-working spaces in which stakeholders and communities contribute and share resources (e.g., talent, ideas, infrastructure, money, and connections).

How can leaders harness the power of these open innovation ecosystems around the globe or in a specific region of interest for their organizations? If you are a business or government leader interested in engaging in an innovation ecosystem to find talent, ideas, and entrepreneurial ventures, this new program will provide you with the tools and frameworks necessary to take externally focused innovation and entrepreneurship activities to the next level at your organization.


Learn More About Innovation Ecosystems

Phil Budden and Fiona Murray discuss what you will learn in the program.

Participant Testimonials

Very insightful and interactive class, great faculty and inspiring contributions from the participants. The content is very new and related to one of the most relevant aspect of innovation management for companies of every size.” —Paolo Z.

Inspiring course; richness in the content, depth of experience, and great "Jazz" style between Fiona with Phil.... World Class!” —Dani Abu G.

“Great class on a topic that is extremely relevant to large corporations trying to be more agile and innovative. Highly recommended.” —Matthew K.

Leading Innovation and Inclusion

In this webinar, Fiona Murray shares research on how innovation and inclusion intersect – and why it matters.

Innovation Ecosystems: Leveraging their Power for Organizational Success and Strategic Change

In this webinar, Phil Budden and Fiona Murray discuss the MITii definition of innovation and how that informs your approach to innovation, why “the world isn’t flat” for innovation, and why it seems to thrive in certain ecosystems, which are the five key stakeholders in the most successful innovation ecosystems, and more.