Developing a Leading Edge Operations Strategy


This course offers unique, MIT-developed approaches to operations strategy based on best-practice research conducted among the world’s leading companies. The program helps participants plan the most efficient use of material resources and manage complicated global networks. It also offers analytical, strategic insights into vertical integration, outsourcing, supplier management, process technologies, capacity and risk management, and global networks.

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Developing a Leading Edge Operations Strategy
Certificate Track: Technology, Operations, and Value Chain Management
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Tuition: $3,300 (excluding accommodations)
Program Days (for certificate credit): 2

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Enterprises are becoming increasingly global, with supply chains, manufacturing, and service delivery processes spanning oceans and continents, cultures and timezones, geographies and geopolitical situations. To navigate this more complex world filled with new and different kinds of risk, senior managers need to know how to plan the most efficient use of material, people, and processes; how to manage more complicated global networks; how to optimize service and quality levels of performance; and how to minimize risks yet maintain required capacities. This program will draw on real issues confronting manufacturing and service companies today, providing strategic frameworks to enable executives to make smart choices so their companies can deliver the products and services they are committed to providing their customers.

Many participants attend this program along with Supply Chain Strategy and Management.


Bringing Process Innovation and Creativity into Operations
From the innovation@Work Blog

When was the last time you re-thought your operations processes? Are they still relevant? Process innovation and creativity are key elements to successful operations strategies. Companies reluctant to rethink their operations processes can learn a lot from those companies that successfully applied process innovation and creativity to their value chain.

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