Negotiation for Executives


From fundamental principles to specific real-world examples, this program offers a holistic view of negotiation as building relationships that are rooted in mutual trust and respect and that result in success at the bargaining table. Through interactive exercises and extensive feedback, participants learn to prioritize multiple issues to reach the most beneficial resolution and to optimize both the economic and subjective value of negotiations.

Application deadline for the October 2017 session is October 9, 2017
Application deadline for the April 2018 session is April 16, 2018
Application deadline for the July 2018 session is July 16, 2018
Application deadline for the October 2018 session is October 8, 2018

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Negotiation for Executives
Certificate Track: Management and Leadership
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Tuition: $3,900 (excluding accommodations)
Program Days (for ACE Credit) 2

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Negotiation is a daily practice within business organizations. We negotiate all the timewith clients and partners, vendors and suppliers, supervisors and colleagues, employees and recruits. Successful negotiation requires self-awareness, preparation, and practice. This negotiation training course addresses all three requirements by providing extensive personalized feedback, tips for efficient pre-negotiation planning, and plenty of opportunities to practice and hone your negotiation skills. Drawing on fundamental negotiation principles based on scientific research as well as specific real-world examples, this program aims to enhance personal gains in negotiation, while simultaneously sustaining important relationships.

Q&A with Jared Curhan
Jared Curhan, the program Faculty Director, shares his thoughts on what defines a successful negotiation process. Read More

The MIT Edge
True to the deeply analytical and quantitative MIT style, the material in this program is based on extensive scientific research by Professor Curhan and his colleagues. Curhan is renowned not only for his engaging and interactive teaching style, but also for his pioneering research on the social and psychological components of negotiation. His research includes topics such as: conceptions of fairness, concern for personal integrity, lasting reputations, company loyalty, preference change during the course of a negotiation, norms for appropriate negotiating behavior, and relational dynamics among negotiators who interact multiple times.

"Successful negotiation is about communication. When you find creative ways of meeting other people's goals, they won't stand in the way of yours."
Professor Jared R. Curhan


A leadership skill you can't afford not to perfect

Negotiation is not only one of the most important leadership skills, it's also one of the most empowering, according to MIT Sloan Professor Jared Curhan. Knowing how to negotiate is a core leadership skill and one that executives can benefit from honing.

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Q&A with Jared Curhan

Jared Curhan, the program Faculty Director, shares his thoughts on what defines a successful negotiation process. Read More

Participant Testimonial

"Great course. Jared Curhan is excellent. He knows how to energize a room and share his knowledge. This program provides tools and methodologies practiced in class that can be used starting day 1 when back at work." -Patrick B.

Mastering Difficult Situations through Negotiation

Life is a series of negotiations. Whether we realize it or not, we negotiate all day, every day. In a recent interview, Jared Curhan put it like this: “Negotiation is a source of empowerment. It’s how we achieve things in the world.” But for most of us, negotiating isn’t easy or comfortable. See what tips Curhan shares to do it well in the associated article or watch the video.