Breakthrough Customer Experience (CX) Strategy


Digital transformation has revolutionized the way that humans behave and make decisions. This has greatly impacted competitive strategy – loyalty can be created and destroyed by customer experience. What do these shifts mean for customer experience (CX) strategy? This new customer experience course uniquely applies a behavioral science foundation to help you develop breakthrough digital customer experience CX for your brand that resonates in this highly digitized world.

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Breakthrough Customer Experience (CX) Strategy
Certificate Track: Strategy and Innovation
Location: Live Online
Tuition: $4,700
Program Days (for ACE Credit) 2

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Whether you are part of a new company leveraging the latest technologies, or a legacy organization feeling the pressures of digital transformation, you need a customer experience strategy that is the best of two worlds—data-driven but also keenly aware of the human element.

In this highly interactive short course, Renée Richardson Gosline, MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer, demonstrates how state-of-the-art behavioral economics can be combined with leadership strategy to develop innovative marketing strategy and competitive advantage.

You’ll learn how to create different types of value for customers, leverage artificial intelligence for an enhanced experience, and embrace field experiments for actionable data-based insights. You’ll leave this customer experience course with a varied set of tools to help you enhance the digital customer experience your company provides and transform your organization to optimize an experimental culture. Gosline will also draw on the research behind her forthcoming book, The Human Algorithm: How humans augment AI, and vice versa, to improve decision-making.

Course content and discussions will explore:

  • Using data and technology as a tool to craft superior customer experience (CX)
  • Applied Behavioral “Nudges” for better/different choices and decisions
  • Creating a Culture that embraces Experimentation
  • How to design and incorporate experiments into your data strategy for Innovation
  • Customer-Brand Relationships (CBR) and how to diagnose and build them
  • Digital collaborations between firms and customers in platforms
  • Judgment and decision-making in AI/algorithm-mediated landscapes
  • Digital Brand Strategy
  • Leadership: How to create a culture that embraces tech change and experimentation—and how to get leaders to buy in.

Delivering Breakthrough CX In A Changing World

Digital technology has become essential to delivering to value to customers amidst a pandemic, revolutionizing the way that humans behave and make decisions. Moreover, we are undergoing a pivotal shift in race relations and greater expectations from customers on inclusivity. What do these seismic shifts mean for customer experience (CX) and competitive strategy? In this webinar, Renee discusses the application of behavioral science “nudges” in the customer journey to help you adapt breakthrough digital CX.