Analytics Management: Business Lessons from the Sports Data Revolution


This course will be offered live online, "in real time", via Zoom. Please view the "Live Online" tab to see a sample schedule and additional information.

Are you looking to take your analytics strategy to the next level? This new program provides executives the opportunity to step back and engage in the guided strategic thinking necessary to develop, refine, and implement an analytics program for their organization. It taps into the best practices from the sports industry’s analytics revolution as a case study.

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Analytics Management: Business Lessons from the Sports Data Revolution
Certificate Track: Management and Leadership
Location: Live Online
Tuition: $3900
Program Days (for ACE Credit) 2

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While the sports industry is an analytics pioneer, data driven decision-making has become essential to business success in nearly every industry. Starting an analytics program, however, is easier said than done. Taught by sports marketing strategist Ben Shields, this program provides executives insight into the sports industry’s “secret sauce” and helps them apply it immediately to the development of their own analytics program.

The first day of the program focuses on designing an analytics strategy. Faculty will introduce a strategic framework for developing an analytics program. Executives will learn how sports organizations have applied this framework on both the team personnel and business sides. Day one will conclude with an action-learning exercise to guide students in developing a working draft of their analytics strategy.

On the second day, the curriculum will focus on implementation. The success of an analytics program is not only driven by sound strategy but also the ability of an organization (and its executives) to execute through effective leadership and management. Critical topics on day two include making the right technology decisions, building and organizing an analytics team, and communicating data for impact. The day will close with a capstone session on leading an analytics transformation during which participants will share their new analytics vision for their organization.

Note: This is not an advanced data science course. This program is designed for executives who are looking for strategic insights and action plans on the management of analytics.


Lessons in Analytics Strategy: Takeaways from the Sports Data Revolution

Although decision making in sports is different from that of other industries, the similarities can reveal how analytics, if effectively deployed, can lead to better decisions and more successful organizations.

Unlocking the Potential of Analytics: A Q&A with Ben Shields

Ben Shields discusses the lessons the management community outside of sports can take from this sports data revolution. "This process of goal setting, strategy development, information gathering and synthesis, decision-making, implementation, measurement, and iteration is replayed consistently in the most advanced data-driven organizations. And for our work in Analytics Management, it will serve as a transferrable framework for organizations in other industries as well."

What the Search for the Next Great NFL Quarterback Can Teach Us About Data-Driven Decision Making

Ben Shields knows that the sports industry has much to teach us about the power and limitations of data and analytics, especially when it comes to making game-changing predictions and decisions. In this webinar, Shields leads Brian Billick and James Dale (authors of The Q Factor) in an exciting discussion about high-stakes challenges.