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Influential companies around the world engage MIT Sloan to help transform their organization, develop skilled leaders, and embark upon strategic business initiatives that require new thinking, methods, and processes. Below are some success stories that demonstrate how MIT Sloan collaborates with companies to create custom experiences that enable their executives to have a substantive, transformational, and long-lasting impact on their business performance.

Accenture Technology
The challenge: Rapid tech cycles are changing Accenture’s clients’ business models. To stay ahead of the curve, the company’s technologists need to deliver more innovation to clients.

The solution: Create a yearlong co-learning journey for the top 100 technology executives around the world by harnessing Accenture’s sophisticated collaboration-technology platforms.

The result: The program has taught everyone on the team the value of experimentation, partnership, and innovative thinking.

“We must learn every day to stay relevant with the unprecedented rate of change in technology. This program sets Accenture apart by helping our leaders of tomorrow stay on top of the changes today." Sanjeev Vohra, Global Managing Director Technology Capability, Accenture Technology

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Aker Solutions
The challenge: Aker Solutions, a Norway-based provider of oilfield products, systems and services worldwide, realized that in order to reach its ambitious growth targets it needed to strengthen its leadership capacity.

The solution: MIT Sloan created a collaborative learning environment for participants to develop new perspectives through a combination of teaching sessions, group discussions, and visits to innovative companies in the MIT ecosystem. During the program, executives applied the new knowledge to concrete and immediate business issues through action-learning projects and an MIT-designed project simulator, with the support of faculty mentorship and internal coaching.

The result: As a result, Aker Solutions reports significant improvements in alignment and collaboration among its many business areas and units, as well as broadening of managers' perspectives and increasing confidence to lead more complex projects.

"We like the MIT concepts because they are simple, but not simplistic—they are simple and effective." — Bjarte Johannessen, Head of Organization Development, Aker Solutions

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The challenge: To maintain its market leadership position in a variety of highly competitive industries, ALFA, a global holding company, needed to equip its technical experts with the leadership capabilities and business acumen to become more effective leaders.

The solution: An educational experience that blends technical and general-management topics in a curriculum designed to address the company’s specific needs and offers opportunities to apply the knowledge immediately through action-learning projects, with guidance and support from MIT faculty.

The result: A growing number of technical leaders in each ALFA company now have the management savvy and leadership skills needed to ensure optimal performance of their teams, as well as a common language and a strong global network of peers across all business units.

"You can see a spark in our people’s eyes because they have found what they need to make their teams better or their leadership skills better.” — Ernesto Gomez, Vice President, Human Capital, Alfa

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The challenge: To stay competitive in a rapidly changing banking marketplace, ANZ needed to develop and implement a sweeping digital transformation strategy.

The solution: Guide senior leaders and top-tier managers through a rigorous education program based on MIT research and ANZ’s current business challenges.

The result: Executives across the global organization are equipped with a shared vision and a common set of frameworks to affect change, immediate and long-term.

"We now have a plan of attack to tackle our digital transformation very structurally and more systemically. This gives us a much better shot at actually making the transition to becoming a 21st century company and being around for another 180 years." Maile Carnegie, Group Executive Digital Banking, ANZ

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The challenge: To combat competition and overall industry downturn, AstraZeneca has set an ambitious course for growth, which required a complete enterprise mindset shift.

The solution: Partner with an executive-coaching firm to create a program that will encourage the top 1,000 senior managers to take ownership in AstraZeneca’s long-term success.

The result: A critical mass of leaders with a deep personal commitment to the company’s long-term goals at all levels and functions.

"One of the most exciting things that we can do for our employees is to engage them to make an impact—on science, on the wellbeing of patients, and on the success of our organization. With this program, we are encouraging each person to show up at their best."— Lisa Naylor, Senior Director of Talent Development, AstraZeneca

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
The challenge: CBA embarked on an unprecedented technology transformation to turn its IT capabilities from a cost center to a profit generator.

The solution: MIT Sloan faculty and program designers at the Executive Education Office developed a custom program to help turn CBA's IT leaders from functional managers to strategic thinkers and partners in the business organization, enabling innovations in products and services. The program was very content-rich, with senior faculty teaching principles of enterprise architecture and IT governance, change management, and demand-side marketing, and included hands-on learning approaches.

The result: The positive feedback senior leadership received from program participants fueled continued investment in large business transformations. CBA achieved its bold goals, including a cost-to-income ratio of 40 percent, and was soon thereafter ranked as one of the world's top ten banks.

"We have turned our functional managers into strategic leaders who can make decisions around value and who can see how each and every step we take is directed toward the customer." — Michael Harte, Group Executive, Enterprise Services Chief Information Officer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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The Fung Group
The challenge: Hong Kong-based global sourcing and purchasing giant needed to establish and reinforce a shared business culture across multinational operations.

The solution: MIT Sloan developed a custom program—held both on campus and in Hong Kong—that gave the company’s senior managers an opportunity to collectively learn the tools and principles necessary to improve its strategy and operation practices across the enterprise.

The result: Chairman Victor K. Fung (MIT SM ‘66) believes that the ongoing, large-scale custom executive education program with MIT Sloan is a cornerstone of the organization’s efforts to excel as a learning organization.

"The relationship with MIT Sloan is one that adds value and reinforces our commitment to learning. We are prepared to bring our people from all over the world to Cambridge, MA, to spend time together learning in this environment." — Dr. Leonard Lane, Group Director Leadership Development, The Fung Group

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Harvard Hospitals Anesthesiology
The challenge: The Department heads at several Boston-area academic medical centers sought to empower medical professionals with leadership skills needed to improve patient care in a changing industry.

The solution: Utilizing teaching sessions, group discussions, and mentored projects, a custom program delivered management and leadership frameworks to the emerging leaders in anesthesiology, including how to identify, analyze, and address some of the prevailing challenges in the practice.

The result: After an intensive session at MIT Sloan and just seven weeks to implement projects in their hospitals, participants became not only active change agents, but also role models for others in their institutions, sharing knowledge and leading by example.

"We were able to identify strengths and challenges unique to each institution, and now we have a shared vision of leadership among seven academic hospitals in our geographic area." Dr. Sharon Muret-Wagstaff, Assistant Professor of Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School Vice Chair, Faculty Development and Innovation, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

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The challenge: As the Chinese economy matures and its society evolves, a strong need is emerging for a new leadership style at individual, institutional, and societal levels.

The solution: Bring together small cohorts of leaders from different sectors in an engaging and nurturing learning environment. Create, sustain, and expand leadership networks that can address the country's complex issues in new ways.

The result: Stemming from the success of the Zhejiang province pilot, IDEAS China is poised to become an ongoing nationwide learning program facilitated by Tsinghua University, with mentoring from MIT Sloan.

"We've learned—and practiced—how to observe better, how to converse better, and how to identify symptomatic vs. fundamental solutions. All of the above, I believe, will be helpful in improving our individual leadership capacity." — Ms. Wang Xiaofang, General Manager, Staff Training Department, ICBC, China

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IDEAS Indonesia
The challenge: The IDEAS program (Innovative Dynamic Education and Action for Sustainability) seeks to create a better future for Indonesia by building trust and collaboration among leaders in business, government, and civil-society sectors.

The solution: MIT Sloan and the IDEAS program assembles small cohorts of leaders from different sectors, using social technologies and advanced management approaches to train Indonesian leaders to recognize root causes of pervasive problems and learn to address them effectively through collaboration.

The result: IDEAS Indonesia is now in its fourth year and continues to evolve. Its success inspired a similar program in China, with a curriculum adapted to address the unique challenges of that country.

"I learned to reframe problems as opportunities, to see and respond to root issues, not symptoms; I learned how not just to work with diversity, but also to see it as essential to solutions." — Srie Agustina, Director General of Domestic Trade Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia

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L’Oréal USA
The challenge: To continue its long-standing tradition of innovation while growing and evolving the business, L'Oréal wanted to challenge their functional leaders to think at the enterprise level and work more collaboratively across the company’s many brands and divisions.

The solution: Gather top managers from across the U.S., Latin America and Canada to work through key business challenges using case study frameworks, guidance and mentorship from MIT Sloan faculty.

The result: Through their work with MIT’s experts, L'Oréal’s leaders improved their strategic thinking and gained valuable new skills to reach the company’s goals and tangible business outcomes.

"This program empowered our employees to unlock innovation at deeper levels of the organization. That's how you sustain a company for the next 100 years." — Maeve Coburn, Senior Vice President, Learning for Transformation, L’ORÉAL Americas

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The challenge: As part of an enterprise-wide transformation to align the firm along three new core therapy areas and to become more externally oriented in its innovation, Takeda needed to strengthen strategic thinking, leadership and problem-solving capabilities in its R&D leaders.

The solution: Bring global R&D leaders together in the Takeda R&D Leadership Academy, a shared educational experience at MIT, where they can build leadership, decision-making and strategic capabilities to apply to Takeda’s immediate challenges and opportunities.

The result: The experience of the Academy gives participants a common language and shared capabilities needed for externalizing R&D, and serves as a foundation for multiple educational programs designed in response to Takeda’s ongoing needs. Elements from many of the projects have been implemented into Takeda practice.

"What’s impressed me the most is how fit for purpose this program is and how much effort the faculty make to understand who we are, what we aspire to be, and the challenges that we face, and then bring those pieces into the course." — Andrew Plump, M.D., PH.D., Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Takeda

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"What’s impressed me the most is how fit for purpose this program is and how much effort the faculty make to understand who we are, what we aspire to be, and the challenges that we face, and then bring those pieces into the course." — Andrew Plump, M.D., PH.D., Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Takeda

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