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Willingness to seek bad news is a key leadership skill for crisis management

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 4 days ago

Managing crisis

The suppression of bad news, when consequential, is easy to decry. Yet, doing so is more common than we care to realize. Understanding its source and overcoming its occurrence is key to having enterprise dynamics supportive of agility, resilience, and reliability and, ultimately, great performance.

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COVID-19 research accelerating at MIT Sloan

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 6 days ago

Covid-19 research at MIT

As COVID-19 cases multiply exponentially in the U.S., research at MIT Sloan is accelerating to address the myriad problems facing American businesses and their workers. From the medical to technical industries and beyond, MIT Sloan faculty members suggest solutions to our most pressing problems in the following three articles.

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Humans are hard-wired to hoard: The “Beer Game” explains the toilet paper crisis and more

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 9 days ago

The Beer Game sheds light on the toilet paper shortage

As people are increasingly asked to self-quarantine, panic-driven shopping continues to create excess demand on products like hand sanitizer, meat, and canned soup. And depending on where you live, you may still be discouraged to find your grocery store’s paper product aisle bereft of toilet paper. The "Beer Game" sheds light on the complexity of the supply chain.

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The cascading supply chain effects of COVID-19

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 13 days ago

The cascading supply chain effects of COVID-19

In late February, MIT’s David Simchi-Levi, Professor of Engineering Systems and a specialist in supply chain management predicted that the peak of the impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains would occur in mid-March. Their prediction has been realized. The situation continues to be fluid and dynamic, and there are cascading effects that will continue to have an impact.

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Will 2020 be the year of the Internet of Things (again)?

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 14 days ago

IoT 2020

The beginning of a new decade seems like the right time for reflection on the trends that have shaped the last ten years. Even though the future seems uncertain in many ways at the moment, I want to use this opportunity to reflect on a particular technological phenomenon, one with such tremendous potential yet apparently so challenging to implement, that it may be at risk of losing its luster.

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7 tips for remote work: Keeping your business running while coronavirus spreads

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 27 days ago

Remote Work

As a result of the swift uptick in coronavirus cases, MIT Sloan Executive Education is adjusting our on-campus program schedule for the coming weeks. Meanwhile, businesses throughout the state, the country, and the world are mobilizing their emergency remote-work plans, and it’s an understatement to say that normal work patterns, modes of communication, and team dynamics are being massively disrupted. Here are seven remote-work strategies you can employ to keep productivity and morale as high as possible.

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Fueling innovation at Southwest Airlines with takeaways from MIT

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 30 days ago

Southwest Airlines

Lisa Hingson is the Director of Innovation for Southwest Airlines. Her team comprises colleagues from different disciplines who bring problem-solving methods to the organization, including both employee-facing and customer-facing opportunities. She recently earned her MIT Sloan Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation and shared some of her favorite takeaways with us.

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How AMP helped this executive grow as a leader and prepare her organization for the future

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 1 day ago

Charles River Laboratories

In 2019, Birigit Girshick decided to make an extra effort to grow herself as a leader and simultaneously help prepare her organization for the future. “I ultimately settled on MIT's AMP because of the hands-on approaches, the philosophy, and the focus on practicing what you learn." Read what surprised her most about AMP and how she continues to leverage her new network.

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