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Can technology improve your negotiation skills? In Jared Curhan’s classroom, the answer is yes.

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 10 days ago

Jared Curhan 2019 Teaching with Digital Technology Award from MIT

MIT Associate Professor Jared Curhan was recently presented with a 2019 Teaching with Digital Technology Award from MIT. This student-nominated award recognizes faculty and instructors who have used digital technology to improve teaching and learning for MIT students. Student nominations praised Curhan’s use of an online platform and interactive application to facilitate and enhance experiential learning in the classroom.

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Making the leap from corporate life to entrepreneurship—with a little help from AMP

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 12 days ago

Mahua Mukherjee MIT Sloan AMP

Based in Bangalore, India, Mahua Mukherjee is the Co-Founder of The Star in Me, a professional platform for women and organizations focused on building business effectiveness with diversity. She is also a 2018 alumna of the MIT Sloan Advanced Management Program. Mahua is grateful for the time she was able to spend at MIT during her journey from corporate life to entrepreneurship. Learn why Maua says the AMP experience was instrumental to the first phase of her venture.

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Leading change in her companies and her community with frameworks from MIT Sloan

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 13 days ago

Carmen Cecilia Cabrera Polo

Carmen Cecilia Cabrera Polo is the founder and CEO of Skole, the leading school uniform company in Ecuador. She is also the sales manager for a family-run textiles company, CC Jr. Sport Confecciones Cabrera. “Attending an MBA program was always on my mind. I met someone who suggested I look into executive programs at MIT.” After completing 11 programs and earning her ACE, Carmen continues to enroll in more programs and still feels that she has only begun.

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Leviton seizes the value of MIT Sloan Executive Education

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 16 days ago

Daryoush Larizadeh

Daryoush Larizadeh is the President of Leviton Manufacturing Company, one of the largest privately held global providers of electrical wiring devices, data center connectivity solutions and lighting energy management systems. A graduate of MIT Sloan (’93), Daryoush sees great value in MIT Sloan Executive Education. HIs leaders now attended the courses of their choosing as part of an Enterprise Account.

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Alejandra Martinez puts her Executive Certificate to work

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 20 days ago

Alejandra Martinez at MIT Sloan

Alejandra Martinez is Managing Director of Software Solutions at Agile Solutions. She decided to enroll in courses at MIT Sloan Executive Education to learn the state of the art in specific topics that were critical to her present challenges. She completed four courses and earned her MIT Sloan Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership. "There are many frameworks and approaches that proved useful ... Every time I’m struggling with something I can rely on these theories.”

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Shaikha Al Naqbi is the first Emirati woman to hold multiple MIT Sloan Executive Certificates

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 23 days ago

Shaikha Al Naqbi at MIT

We recently connected with Shaikha Al Naqbi, an Emirati national who has completed MIT Sloan Executive Certificates in all three tracks, as well as the Advanced Certificate for Executives (ACE). "I was seeking top-tier education. When I approached the MIT executive team to ask about the courses offered, they told me that MIT not only provides a diverse portfolio of programs but also a remarkable chance to share experiences with high-level executives from different countries, industries, business, and cultures. I liked the idea as this would enable me to interact with top minds and benchmark my challenges with theirs. I also saw the value in opening up my mind by adopting new ways of thinking about business and boosting innovation in the work."

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Fouad Dagher enhances his capabilities with an ACE from MIT Sloan

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month ago

Fouad Dagher earns his ACE

We caught up with Fouad Dagher, Director of Customer Innovation for National Grid, while he was on campus completing his Advanced Certificate for Executives (ACE). Fouad shared that the ACE is for his career but also for his own edification and satisfaction. “These programs enhance my capabilities … and there is also the benefit of being associated with a brand that is recognized around the world. The MIT brand is a very powerful thing. But most important is the usefulness of the content, and that’s why I will continue to take programs.”

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George Westerman says turn digital transformation from a project into a capability

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 4 days ago

George Westerman on digital transformation

“Technology changes quickly, but organizations change much more slowly,” says MIT Sloan Professor George Westerman, whose recent research focuses on the leadership challenge posed by digital transformation. “The relentless march of technology is very good for companies that sell technology, and for the analysts, journalists, and consultants who sell technology advice to managers, but it’s not always so good for the managers themselves.”

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