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Bringing the benefits of executive education to PepsiCo Latin America

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 13 hours ago

Norma Castillo

The Supply Chain Finance Manager for PepsiCo Latin America, Norma Castillo Lopez came to MIT Sloan Executive Education with a strict requirement: “I wanted tools and frameworks that I could take and use quickly, because, as a finance person, I need to see the returns of investment really quickly on what I learned.”

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How managers understand and apply merit in the workplace

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 7 days ago

Merit in the workplace

To show that their decisions about whom to hire, reward, and promote are based on objective, fair, unbiased criteria, some companies have become eager to dismantle any role that bias might play in employment decisions and outcomes. But how can these organizations make the evaluation process more meritocratic, and their workplaces more fair and diverse?

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Speaking up about racial injustice

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 16 days ago

MIT speaks up about racial injustice

The recent killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd have prompted an outpouring of sadness, anger, and outrage from people around the world. In the face of such emotions, organizations might think it prudent to steer clear of societal or political issues. But that would be a mistake.

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Cybercrime’s COVID-19 surge—and what we can do about it

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 27 days ago


Covid-19 has forever transformed the way we run our businesses. Digital transformation is accelerating, priorities are shifting, and working from home will be the new normal. As we continue to navigate this new world, we must also think differently about how to mitigate the risks of cyberattacks—attacks which are surging amidst the current crisis and the related spike in remote work.

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Q&A webinar follow-up with John Carrier

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 6 days ago

During John's webinar, Using Digital Technology to Rapidly Recover from Operational Interruptions, we received a lot of wonderful questions that we unfortunately couldn’t address within the 30-minute time frame. However, we collected them and curated their answers from John. This blog post will dive deeper into the concepts on which participants had questions.

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Sustaining the fire: My life after the MIT Entrepreneurship Development Program

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 9 days ago

William Sunito at MIT's Entrepreneurship Development Program

In the early stages of my entrepreneurial journey, I used to think that getting a product to market as quickly as possible, even without knowing my customers first, was the path to success. Inundated as we are with such popular wisdom, we sometimes take blitzscaling too literally, jumping into a market’s deep end without even looking to see what’s down below. After going through the rigors of MIT’s Entrepreneurship Development Program, I’ve come to see things in a whole new light.

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Take action on the COVID-19 crisis: Beat the Pandemic II

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 17 days ago

covid-19-challenge at MIT

In April, Massachusetts Institute of Technology hosted a 48-hour Beat the Pandemic hackathon in which 1,500 participants (selected from 4800+ applicants) worked in 238 teams to create solutions that could help protect vulnerable populations during the pandemic. In response to the continuing challenges related to the “new normal” we are all entering, the hack is back—May 29-31. All are welcome to apply for Beat the Pandemic II.

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Jumping the digital learning curve at MIT Sloan Executive Education

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 2 months and 1 day ago

Live Online Courses at MIT

Back in early March, before the Covid-19 outbreak was at full tilt in the United States, MIT Sloan Executive Education was preparing for more than 600 participants, traveling from all over the world, to attend dozens of two-day to week-long open enrollment courses on campus between March and June. Like many other schools and programs across campus and around the globe, we were forced to make difficult decisions rapidly, and to adjust the delivery model, wherever possible, from on-campus courses to virtual classrooms.

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