Why Choose MIT Sloan?

Since its founding, MIT Sloan School of Management has led with a purposeful mindset, taken intelligent risks, and challenged conventional thinking. We are the rule breakers who embrace intellectual discovery, the renegades who simplify complexity, and the rebels who pursue disruptive innovation. In short, we invent new possibilities and create new opportunities.

Today, MIT Sloan is at the forefront of executive education; we define it and continue to introduce revolutionary innovations and ideas to the world. Innovations like interactive virtual classrooms, multilanguage courses, and unparalleled leadership programs that address critical issues and resonate with executives throughout the world.

MIT Sloan School of Management has always been ahead of the curve, providing executives with the tools they need to drive innovation and invent the future. From option pricing theory to system dynamics to collective intelligence, MIT Sloan's contributions have been nothing short of groundbreaking and continue to define management education across the globe. The School's innovative, inventive, and entrepreneurial focus has fostered internationally respected faculty who are recognized as pioneers in their fields. They are driven by data and proven research, yet remain unconventional in their pursuit of business challenges and opportunities. Our focused interdisciplinary approach influences all of our program material. It integrates management with science and technology, cultivates extraordinary interactions, and combines razor-sharp insights with practical lessons for immediate, real-world applications. Our dynamic learning environment encourages meaningful connections an and promotes networking opportunities that extend well beyond the classroom.

MIT Sloan is devoted to its mission: to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice. MIT Sloan Executive Education's portfolio of executive development and management programs reflect MIT Sloan's core mission in an environment designed to foster extensive peer-to-peer interaction and a wide range of professional and cultural exchanges.

Across MIT, some of the world’s most audacious thinkers are launching change. They are the MIT Sloan Executive Education faculty. Their innovations and inventions reverberate throughout boardrooms, classrooms, and living rooms around the globe. Our participants embrace the opportunity to be close to these experts—as well as among them—in order to take advantage of the tools and methods learned to navigate the business challenges they face every day. The reputation of our esteemed faculty was built over the last century by such pioneers as Jay Forrester, the father of system dynamics; John D. C. Little, one of the founders of marketing science; Nobel Prize-winning economists Robert Solow and Franco Modigliani; and Arnoldo Hax, who developed the revolutionary Delta Model framework. The legacy continues today.

In all of our work and learning, we follow MIT's motto of mens et manus, or mind and hand, as we seek practical solutions to real problems. As participants learn from the world’s leading management thinkers, they will amass a host of new tactics, models, and strategies that they can apply to the biggest challenges in their fields to drive their organizations forward. In our courses, executives will have ample opportunity not only to master the core principles of management, but also to customize their course of study to individual interests and desired career path.

MIT's world-renowned faculty engage participants in hands-on, highly interactive learning experiences designed to solve real-world business issues. From yoga exercises in the classroom to simulations to competitive games played in small groups, there are many innovative ways participants learn--with both mind and hand--in our programs.

Located on the banks of the Charles River in the heart of vibrant Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT Sloan School of Management has much to offer its visitors. Surrounded by renowned global corporations like Akamai Technologies, Amazon, Biogen Idec, Genzyme, Google, Microsoft, Novartis, and VMware, the area is the location for numerous tech and biotech companies, as well as other innovative business ventures. A mecca of dynamic innovation, Kendall Square is home to the Entrepreneur Walk of Fame, established by MIT to honor entrepreneurs who took a risk with an idea, launched it, and turned that idea into a successful venture.

Executive education at MIT Sloan prepares executives, high-potential managers, and mid-career technical or business professionals from around the globe for their biggest challenges, equipping them with the tools needed to lead a team, manage a complex organization, or found a company. Fueled by the groundbreaking work of our faculty in such critical areas as systems thinking, finance, and leadership, participants leave our programs ready to take their careers to the next level. Read participant testimonials.

For each open enrollment program, you can see reviews and ratings that are actual participants' feedback, shared after completing a program, once they have had the time to start applying what they have learned in our classrooms to real-world situations. Learn more.

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