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Executive education at MIT Sloan prepares executives, high-potential managers, and mid-career technical or business professionals from around the globe for their biggest challenges, equipping them with the tools needed to lead a team, manage a complex organization, or found a company. Fueled by the groundbreaking work of our faculty in such critical areas as systems thinking, finance, and leadership, participants leave our programs ready to take their careers to the next level.


“The courses, curriculum, and leaders at MIT were incredibly refreshing. Working in government, we stay pretty well insulated and don’t interface as much as executives in other industries. I’m only able to sneak away for a couple days at a time. MIT provided a way to access top of the line, disruptive, cutting-edge content in a way that fits my nonstop schedule.

Jason Pelletier, Chief of Staff for Human Resources Operations Center (HROC) for the United States Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS). Read this blog post with Jason.


“The people attending these courses are as enriching as the program content itself. These are leaders who have been successful in their organization, and it turns out they are having the same problems you are. It’s reassuring. We are able to share our challenges and problems, and everyone genuinely comes together to try to solve those problems for each other. It’s very clear everyone wants to make a contribution so everyone else succeed. You remember your peers and encounter them again in other courses, it’s great to know how they have implemented the learnings and made changes. It’s fascinating, I have met some truly amazing professionals.”

Alejandra Martinez, Managing Director of Software Solutions at Agile Solution. Read this blog post with Alejandra.


“I had direct access to 250-plus high-quality people from different backgrounds, thanks to the different courses I decided to follow. It was great to share experiences, insights, and just understand different points of view. The amount of people you met during these days was just incredible. This is absolutely amazing how you can build such a community in a short-term period. And, to go beyond that community to build strong relationships and business worldwide."

Pierre-Antoine Martino, Head of e-Regulation & Compliance at SICPA (Ink & Security Solutions). Read this interview with him.


“The programs at MIT have been impactful and invaluable. The information and skills I have gained are momentous. They have shifted my mindset for the better in both my personal and professional endeavors.”

Carmen Cecilia Cabrera Polo, Founder and CEO of Skole. Read this blog post with Carmen.


"The MIT mind and hand philosophy—supported by professors, business cases, workshops, operational frameworks, technology innovations, and concepts of how build and improve strategies—can inspire the success of any organization. How to make an organization more agile, responsive, and creative—these are all some of the significant takeaways I gained and aim to apply it in my work once I return next month."

Shaikha Al Naqbi, Mashreq Bank. Read this Q&A with her.


Course programs and interactions are structured in a way that create a vivid simulation of realworld challenges where you face yourself, befriend your weaknesses, grow from them and help others do the same. I would definitely recommend these programs to anyone who wants to be seen as a leader …”

Sidita Hasi, Project Leader, FedEx. Read this Q&A or watch this video with Sidita.


MIT Sloan Executive Education is a truly immersive experience that delivers on its promise to teach, challenge, and engage in ways that produce real development in your capacity and capability as a leader and practitioner."

Tom Cahill, Senior Director of Global Compensation and Equity, Alexion Pharmaceuticals. Read a blog post with Tom.


Prior to starting at MIT Sloan, I felt there were areas to gain additional acumen in the ongoing development of my education, work, and personal endeavors to propel me forward and, in some respect, to also recharge the vision and drive I felt in earlier stages of my career. MIT opened new doors and perspectives for me on all these fronts and rejuvenated my creative drive to innovate within and beyond my role at my company, as well as at a personal level. As an executive who frequently travels domestically and internationally, carrying forth in one’s business environment to apply what has been gained by an MIT experience tends to be very well received and taken with a high degree of respect from a global assortment of colleagues and personal acquaintances."

James Taylor, Assistant Vice President of Technical Services, Continental Grain Company. Read a blog post with James.


The exceptional innovative spirit and culture at MIT really stimulated my creative, strategic, and constructive thinking, which I have been able to transfer to many of my colleagues here at Boeing. Additionally, my MIT experience leveraged and distinguished my credentials. I am looking forward to learning new concepts and strategies, along with other promising engineers from Germany and the United States."

Li Chang, Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Hear more from Li in this blog post.


The professors were professional enthusiasts who didn't just lecture, but transmitted their ideas across to participants with full engagement. They were ready to take on the hard questions from the participants, and good at placing participants outside of their comfort zones. Leadership was distributed across the room, and the participants were competent enough to take on the leadership instantly, and very expressive to share their thoughts and experiences."

Mia Hemmi, Account Director, Hakuhodo Inc. Read a blog post with Mia.


The programs exceeded my expectations. They were well organized, and the takeaway materials were excellent. I found the programs to be a very useful and well worth the time and energy to attend. I would highly recommend the experience."

Robert Robertson, President, Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute. Hear more from Robert in this blog post.


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