Leading Change in Complex Organizations


This organization change management program helps executives harness the leadership skills, political resources, and cultural understandings needed to guide successful organizational change. The course utilizes a unique analytical framework to address the change process from three perspectives: strategic, political, and cultural. Each of these perspectives provides critical insights and tools that enable managers to avoid the pitfalls associated with traditional approaches to change.

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Leading Change in Complex Organizations
Certificate Track: Management and Leadership
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Tuition: $9,300 (excluding accommodations)
Program Days (for certificate credit): 5

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The 21st century organization is enormously complex, difficult to understand, and even more difficult to manage. A volatile mix of dynamics are triggering changes in the workplace. As the complexity increases, effective managers must have a strong knowledge of the people in the organization and the tasks they perform. And they must have the skills to use that knowledge in practical and flexible ways. This program will present innovative perspectives on organizational change management problems and offers practical ways to solve them. The issues examined apply across organizations, national boundaries, and technical domains.


Participant Testimonial

"A superb program for experienced managers dealing with change - rigorous, practical and immediately useful material. And the faculty and staff are amazing!" ~ Stephen N.

A Personal Story of Accomplishment

Jackie Caniza is a Success Coach and HR Consultant at Business Hat, Inc. in the Philippines. After a 15-year career in corporate HR roles, she took a calculated risk and decided to start her own consulting business. Learn how earning an Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership helped her.

Lessons Learned from Leading Change in Complex Organizations

Program Director Colleen Berger spoke with several past participants to find out how they have applied the knowledge gained from Leading Change in Complex Organizations in their companies.