Systematic Innovation of Products, Processes, and Services


This course will be offered live online, "in real time", via Zoom. Please view the "Live Online" tab for additional information.

This two week program blends the perspectives of marketing, design, and engineering into a systematic approach to delivering innovation, and presents methods that can be put into immediate practice. The goal of this program is to help participants become systematic about innovation in order to create value for their businesses and their customers in the globally connected market.

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Systematic Innovation of Products, Processes, and Services
Certificate Track: Technology, Operations, and Value Chain Management
Location: Live Online
Tuition: $9,300
Program Days (for ACE Credit) 5

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Design and development projects today face a complex landscape of interrelated challenges, including technological feasibility, customer desirability, business viability, and environmental sustainability. This program explores the process of systematic innovation in product development, business processes, and service design, with a special focus on the end-to-end design and development process, beginning with creation and ending with commercialization and ongoing product/service lead­ership.

The program introduces a structured approach to design and customer analysis processes that draws on important trends that have become essential to successful innovation in today’s businesses: the digitization of all business processes; the blending of product and service into integrated solutions; considerations around environmental sustainability; and the use of globally-distributed teams.

Participants will learn how to lead these innovation processes in a fluid world where the best-made assumptions can, and often do, change midstream. Participants will also have an opportunity to discuss these frameworks and apply them to their own personal responsibilities and experiences.


Participant Testimonial

"The experience was outstanding with a lot of case studies, simulations and team work. The faculty has a deep experience in real life problems and is focusing on important trade-offs that are crucial for successful product development process. The applicability of the gained knowledge in the manufacturing company is outstanding." ~ Mariusz A.

Systematic Innovation by Design: Application to Development of Products and Services
Understand how the essential elements of "design thinking" can be applied to product and service innovation.