Intelligent Organizations 4Dx (live online)

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How can you and your organization benefit from of one of the most powerful changes taking place in business today? In the 21st century, a critical factor in business success is not just how efficient organizations are, but also how intelligent they are. Today’s technologies allow for wide-ranging communication at very low cost, enabling organizations to collaborate more effectively, to respond more quickly to business challenges, and to identify innovation opportunities. This course explores a new culture of collaboration that will allow you and your organization to be more productive, effective, and intelligent.

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Intelligent Organizations 4Dx (live online)
Certificate Track: Management and Leadership
Location: Online
Tuition: $3,300
Program Days (for ACE Credit) 2

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Intelligent Organizations 4Dx is designed to help you understand how to create competitive advantage by harnessing the power of crowds and other new organizational approaches made possible by the latest communications technologies. Drawing on examples like Google, InnoCentive, and Wikipedia, this knowledge management course will help you to identify opportunities for using crowd intelligence, loose hierarchies, and other innovative ways of organizing work that can be applied to your own business environment. The course illustrates strategies for connecting people and computers in new ways so that—collectively—they act more intelligently than any person, group, or computer has ever done before.

Participants in this program will interact in real time with high-quality video lessons, other participants, and faculty through personalized avatars in immersive, virtual classrooms. Learners will meet once a week for six weeks, September 26-October 31, 2016, in the online environment to view video lessons and complete group action learning activities led by the faculty. The program will be held on Mondays, 11:00AM to 1:00PM Eastern U.S. time, except for the week of October 10 (Columbus Day holiday) when it will be held on Tuesday, October 11, 11:00AM to 1:00PM. This rich, engaging experience can be accessed by participants wherever they are in the world at the times the sessions are delivered.


In Building Better Organizations with Collective Intelligence, MIT Sloan Professor Thomas Malone illustrates how collective intelligence works and what it can do for your organization.

New Technologies Change Essence of Organizations

Professor Tom Malone discusses how new technologies change organizations.