Leadership and the Lens: Reframing the Question to Unlock Insight and Impact


Much is required of today’s leaders. They must be able reimagine organizational strategies, design new company cultures, arrive at breakthrough solutions, and align teams around inspiring visions for the future. Led by Hal Gregersen, an authority on creating fearless innovation cultures in companies, and Sam Abell, a photographer known for his prolific photographs in National Geographic, this unique three-day program immerses participants in a world of dynamic new possibilities for leadership growth and transformation.

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Leadership and the Lens: Reframing the Question to Unlock Insight and Impact
Certificate Track: Management and Leadership
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Tuition: $5,500 (excluding accommodations)
Program Days (for ACE Credit) 3

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Innovative leaders approach their work differently. They ask better and different questions –– and create a psychologically safe space where others can do the same. They create learning-driven cultures. They constantly seek to discover what they don’t know they don’t know. They break down barriers and frame new possibilities for their organizations. And they share compelling visions that align and inspire the teams they lead.

Leadership qualities like these are cultivated through training, experience, and personal transformation—not all of which can occur on the job amidst day-to-day responsibilities. Leadership and the Lens is a unique three-day program designed to take you away from your desk and into the streets of Kendall Square, camera in hand, to explore how new contexts, new questions, and new ways of seeing can unlock entirely new avenues of value creation.

Co-taught by MIT’s Hal Gregersen, author of The Innovator’s DNA and Questions are the Answer, and Sam Abell, a world-renowned photographer, teacher, and author of The Life of Photograph, this workshop uses a photography as a unique management simulation to explore how unseen opportunities reveal themselves—and how the most effective leaders see deeply enough to spot them. The program leverages Gregersen’s extensive research on the skills of extraordinary leaders and explores many of the topics and themes presented in Gregersen’s newest program, Questions Are the Answer: A Breakthrough Approach to Creative Problem Solving, Innovation, and Change. However, the way by which participants learn to ask better questions, generate greater insight, and make a bigger impact is entirely unique to this workshop.

Leadership and the Lens is equally suited to novice and experienced photographers since there are no photography prerequisites required. Any form of digital camera, including a camera phone, is appropriate. This program is ideal for both individual participants and teams of colleagues looking for new ways to develop shared creative capabilities and innovative leadership approaches.

This program is offered in association with Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

Please note: The program was formerly known as "Innovation and Images: Exploring the Intersections of Leadership and Photography."


Examining leadership through a different lens—literally

“Leadership and the Lens was a great experience, an intimate class, a very diverse crowd, and a trusting environment in which you could express yourself,” says Ed Higgins. “Everyone brought something different to the table … and everyone felt heard."

Webinar Recording Available

In this webinar, Hal Gregersen and Roger Lehman explored the power of learning curve leadership and the role of catalytic inquiry in moving ourselves and others forward.