Applied Business Analytics (self-paced online)


The goal of business analytics is to determine which datasets are useful and how they can be leveraged to solve problems and increase efficiency, productivity, and revenue. In this non-technical online program, you will learn a practical framework that will enable you to use data to improve decision-making.

This program is delivered in collaboration with Emeritus. Please register on the Emeritus website.

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Applied Business Analytics (self-paced online)
Certificate Track: Management and Leadership
Location: Online
Tuition: $2,800
Program Days (for ACE Credit) 2

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The abundance of data creates opportunities for business leaders to make better decisions. The challenge is that interpreting data from multiple sources isn’t common knowledge for most business professionals. How do we know which algorithm to use? How do we know when to apply your human judgement into the decision mix? What are some of the most practical applications of artificial intelligence?

Business analytics skills are a requirement across a variety of job functions and are in high demand from employers. In fact, job postings for this skill set has increased by 130 per-cent from September 2016 to the present. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects growth for business analytics skills to jump 10.9 percent, outpacing the national growth average of 5.2 percent for all jobs, from 2018 to 2028.

In the non-technical Applied Business Analytics program, you will learn a practical framework that will enable you to use data to improve decision-making. The only prerequisite is high-school level math and basic statistics.

Upon completion of Applied Business Analytics, you will know which analytics approach is the most appropriate for your situation, and more importantly, how to tackle big data and leverage it for better business outcomes.

In this program, you will learn to:

  • Recognize the breadth of analytic applications
  • Describe common algorithms, their appropriate applications across domains, and their limitations
  • Discuss how to use analytics problem solving to lead teams and design deliverables
  • Apply best practices for data analytics process management, including establishing workflows, identifying inter-dependencies, and recognizing when to utilize human judgement
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Fast Facts

6 weeks
Entirely online learning
5-6 hours/week

Access to program content is flexible, available through multiple devices allowing working professionals to easily manage schedules and learn remotely — anytime, anywhere. Participants enrolled in the program obtain access to learning materials via a modular approach, with new content released weekly. Program modules include a variety of teaching instruments, such as:

  • Live negotiation simulations
  • Video lectures
  • Discussions
  • Class materials: articles, cases
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Assignments

Learn from an Industry Pioneer

Dimitris Bertsimas, the Boeing Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management, is author of several popular textbooks, including Analytics Edge and Data Models & Decisions: The Fundamentals of Management Science. Together with expert collaborators, he condensed 30 years of MIT teaching experience and his own firsthand knowledge of business analytics to create a highly practical curriculum to create a highly practical curriculum that is the basis of this program. Designed for pragmatic leaders who refuse to be left behind, the program helps leaders make analytically-supported decisions to arrive at better business outcomes.

"Because you can't look an algorithim in the eye, leaders must know how to inspect and audit algorithms."
- Professor Dimitris Bertsimas, MIT Sloan School of Management

The Learning Journey

The Anatomy of a Use Case: How You Learn

  • Intro Activity: Statement of the problem facing the industry in the form of a poll, activity, or discussion question
  • Intro Video from the Professor: Sets up the case and learning outcomes
  • Interactive Flipbook of Case: A storyboard for illustrating the key points of the case
  • Debrief with Faculty: Assessment of what has been learned from the case
  • Applied Learning Opportunity: Brief assignment after some cases to apply the learning