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We are continuously adding new online programs to our portfolio. We are currently offering the following programs:

Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy (self-paced online) NEW
With a focus on the organizational and managerial implications of AI technologies, rather than on their technical aspects, participants will leave this course armed with the knowledge and confidence needed to pioneer its successful integration in business.

Business Process Design for Strategic Management (self-paced online) NEW
Learn to optimize business processes through Dynamic Work Design, a set of principles and methods for achieving sustainable improvement efforts of any scale, in any industry, and in any function.

ELLE International Fashion and Luxury Management Program (has an online only delivery option) NEW
The fashion and luxury industry is facing historic disruption as a result of big data, digitalization, and social media. Success in this industry now requires new strategies and adaptable, innovative leadership. The ELLE International Fashion and Luxury Management Program is designed to provide participants with exclusive insight and a global perspective of the fashion and luxury industry.

Internet of Things: Business Implications and Opportunities (self-paced online) NEW
Explore the opportunities for your business with IoT, from demystifying and defining IoT to creating a roadmap for its real-world application.

Pricing 4DX (live online)
Setting the right price for a product or service is not easy. Pricing decisions can have a significant and often immediate effect on an organization's bottom line, yet there is much confusion about how best to determine and execute a successful pricing strategy. This program is designed to demystify the science behind purchase behavior and provide participants with a logical and systematic approach to crafting an optimal price structure.

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Sample 4Dx Classroom

Sample 4Dx Classroom