Talent Needs & Challenges of the IoT - Peter Hirst MBE, MIT Sloan School of Management

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    Peter Hirst will discuss current and future talent needs and challenges in light of the expected very rapid growth in the number of internet-connected devices, applications and business models driven by IOT. There are already critical shortages in key skills, and the emergence of new kinds of roles that transcend traditional technology, engineering and business career paths. The pace of change will only continue to increase. How can industry and academia partner in new ways to help address these issues? And what are the implications and opportunities for individuals to maximize their value in the IOT world?

    Peter leads the MIT Sloan team that creates world-renowned executive education programs for innovative leaders and global corporations. With over twenty years’ experience in international strategy, technology and organizational development, he has been a director and adviser to businesses and non-profits on three continents, and is a founding member of the IOT Global Talent Consortium and co-chair of the IOT World Forum’s Education Working Group. His previous roles include CEO of London School of Economics Enterprises, and Senior Technology and Policy Officer in the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

    This presentation took place at the RE.WORK IOT Summit held in Boston on 28-29 May 2015: https://www.re-work.co/events/iot-boston

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