John Core

Nanyang Technological University Professor of Accounting


John Core

John E. Core is the Nanyang Technological University Professor and a Professor of Accounting at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Core has broad research interests in executive compensation and executive stock and option incentives, corporate governance, nonprofit governance, and disclosure and the cost of capital. His research has been published in the Accounting Review, the Journal of Accounting & Economics, the Journal of Accounting Research, the Journal of Finance, and the Journal of Financial Economics. When not conducting research, Core teaches the core Financial Accounting class to first-year MBA students at MIT Sloan. Prior to entering academia, he worked in investment banking for PaineWebber and in compensation consulting for Ernst & Young.

Core holds a BA from Yale University and a PhD from The Wharton School.

Faculty Media

  • [Innovation@Work Blog] Making Better Decisions with Managerial Accounting

    John Core and Christopher Noe focus on how to use internal accounting information for decision making.

  • Executive Equity Compensation and Incentives: A Survey

    Stock and option compensation and the level of managerial equity incentives are aspects of corporate governance that are especially controversial to shareholders, institutional activists, and...

  • Tempur Sealy Executives Receive $81 Million Award Valued at Zero

    Tempur Sealy International Inc. used a rarely applied rule to make an $81 million stock award to five top executives without recording its value, reducing their reported compensation for last year.

  • Estimating the Value of Employee Stock Option Portfolios and Their Sensitivities to Price and Volatility

    The costs associated with compiling data on employee stock option portfolios is a substantial obstacle in investigating the impact of stock options on managerial incentives, accounting choice,...

  • Is U.S. CEO Compensation Inefficient Pay without Performance?

    In this paper, we review Pay Without Performance by Professors Lucian Bebchuk and Jesse Fried. The book develops and summarizes the leading critiques of current executive compensation practices in...

  • Does Weak Governance Cause Weak Stock Returns? An Examination of Firm Operating Performance and Investors' Expectations

    We investigate Gompers, Ishii, and Metrick's (2003) finding that firms with weak shareholder rights exhibit significant stock market underperformance. If the relation between poor governance and...

  • The Economic Dilution of Employee Stock Options: Diluted EPS for Valuation and Financial Reporting

    We derive a measure of diluted EPS that incorporates economic implications of the dilutive effects of employee stock options. We show that the existing FASB treasury-stock method of accounting for...

  • Market Valuations in the New Economy: An Investigation of What has Changed

    The acceleration of globalization combined with rapid advances in technology and the growing importance of the Internet have led many researchers and practitioners to suggest that a "New Economy"...


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