Jeanne Ross

Principal Research Scientist


Jeanne Ross

Until her retirement in July 2020, Jeanne lectured, conducted research, and directed executive education courses on IT management practices. She joined MIT CISR in 1993 as a principal research scientist, and was director of the center from 2008 to 2016. Her research examined how companies designed themselves for success in the digital economy. In particular, she studied how companies effectively implement the capabilities offered by new technologies like social, mobile, analytics, cloud, Internet of Things, and cognitive computing.

Jeanne is author of four books, and she is a founding senior editor and former editor-in-chief of MIS Quarterly Executive. Her work has appeared in major practitioner and academic journals, including MIT Sloan Management Review, Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, MIS Quarterly Executive, MIS Quarterly, the Journal of Management Information Systems, IBM Systems Journal, and CIO Magazine.

Faculty Media

  • How to Master Two Different Digital Transformations

    Successful companies need to both digitize operations and develop digital offerings. From breaking old rules to training new leaders, here’s how to handle these different transformations.

  • Don’t Fail Fast — Fail Smart

    Rather than a fail-fast culture, research co-authored by Jeanne Ross suggests business leaders need to develop a “learn-fast” culture.

  • How To Succeed Without Being the Smartest Person In The Room

    Research on digital transformations suggests that recruiting, directing, and developing talent is more important than ever but is also more challenging.

  • 5 Building Blocks of Digital Transformation

    Companies are under pressure to transform into digital businesses. Research from Jeanne Ross offers a road map for tackling massive organizational change.

  • MIT Sloan Researcher Jeanne Ross Talks IT Strategy, Adaptability

    Interview with Jeanne Ross.

  • Digital vs. Digitized: Why CIOs Must Help Companies Do Both

    Successful companies in the digital economy will be both digital – to provide customer value – and digitized – to provide scale and efficiency. Here’s how CIOs can tackle these dual challenges.

  • Goal Setting: MIT Study Challenges Ideas On How To Set Goals At Work

    Jeanne Ross discusses how Introducing ambiguity, and opportunity for failure, is actually a way to embrace new learning - and accelerate results.

  • Why Hypotheses Beat Goals

    Jeanne Ross discusses the importance of hypothesis generation, over goals, to create the agile, evidence-based, learning culture your business needs to succeed in a digital economy.

  • Act Like a Startup

    Research at MIT CISR suggests that acting like a startup is a smart approach to a digital transformation. But what, exactly, does it mean to act like a startup? Jeanne Ross explains.

  • Goodbye Structure; Hello Accountability

    Leaders will be able to operate as true digital leaders only when they shake their reliance on structure as the primary tool of organizational design and instead start assigning accountabilities in...


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Digital Disruption: Transforming Your Company for the Digital Economy

Not all businesses are born digital. In her recent webinar, Jeanne Ross presents research to help you define a digital strategy that is responsive to changing customer demands, new technology capabilities, and organizational learning.