Jay Forrester

Professor Emeritus of Management
System Dynamics


Jay Forrester Jay W. Forrester founded the growing field of system dynamics. His research includes the System Dynamics National Model, which generates the major observed modes of economic behavior; a new type of dynamics-based management education; and system dynamics as a unifying theme in pre-college education.

A pioneer in early digital computer development, Forrester invented random-access magnetic-core memory during the first wave of modern computers.

Forrester has received numerous awards for his books, nine honorary degrees from universities around the world, and the National Medal of Technology, awarded by the President of the United States.

Faculty Media

  • Jay W. Forrester Dies at 98; a Pioneer in Computer Models

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  • [Innovation@Work Blog] System Dynamics, Sustainability, and Earth Day

    In that watershed year when Earth Day was first celebrated, then-MIT Sloan Professor Jay Forrester—known by many as the father of system dynamics—initiated MIT's involvement with sustainability.

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    As MIT Sloan Professor John Sterman told MIT Technology Review, “there’s no actual beer in the Beer Game.” Instead, it’s an exercise for MIT Sloan students that simulates the supply chain of the...

  • Forbes: This Week In Tech History

    MIT’s Whirlwind computer first comes online. Here’s an excerpt from the appearance on December 16, 1951, of the Whirlwind and Jay Forrester on Edward Murrow’s “See It Now” television show.

  • The Bullwhip Effect and Your Supply Chain

    As you probably know, supply-chain management is a crucial aspect of running a product-oriented business, but projections can be difficult at best. And thus at some level dealing with supply chains...

  • Jay Forrester on the Nature of the Problems We Face

    In a few sentences, Jay Forrester, still perfectly lucid at 95, outlines the origins of the problems we face with climate change and everything else.

  • A Fireside Chat with Jay Forrester, Peter Senge, George Richardson and Dennis Meadows

    At the Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling conference, attendees can ask personal questions of some of the excellent pioneers in the field of system dynamics. Listen to Jay Forrester telling...

  • IEEE Recognizes the First High-Speed Digital Computer

    In October 1940, 13 months after the outbreak of World War II in Europe and 14 months before the United States entered the war, the newly formed National Defense Research Committee contracted with...

  • IEEE Honors MIT Milestones in Computing and Navigation

    MIT's Project Whirlwind computer, developed beginning in 1944 in a building at 211 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge, was the first computer ever to use magnetic-core memory a system that went on to...

  • Jay Forrester, Pioneer in Supply Chain Management

    The modern notion of a "supply chain" can be traced back to "the pioneering research conducted by Jay Forrester and his colleagues at MIT," IndustryWeek contributing editor David Blanchard asserts...


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