Deborah Ancona

Seley Distinguished Professor of Management
Professor of Organization Studies
Founding Faculty Director of the MIT Leadership Center


Deborah Ancona


Deborah Ancona is the Seley Distinguished Professor of Management, a Professor of Organization Studies, and the Founder of the MIT Leadership Center at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Her pioneering research into how successful teams operate has highlighted the critical importance of managing outside, as well as inside, the team’s boundary.  This research directly led to the concept of X-Teams as a vehicle for driving innovation within large organizations.  Ancona’s work also focuses on the concept of distributed leadership and on the development of research-based tools, practices, and teaching/coaching models that enable organizations to foster creative leadership at every level. 

She is the author of the book, X-Teams: How to Build Teams That Lead, Innovate, and Succeed (Harvard Business School Press) and the related article, “In Praise of the Incomplete Leader” (Harvard Business Review).  In addition to X-Teams, her studies of team performance have also been published in the Administrative Science Quarterly, the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, and the Sloan Management Review.  Her previous book, Managing for the Future: Organizational Behavior and Processes (South-Western College Publishing), centers on the skills and processes needed in today’s diverse and changing organization.  Ancona has served as a consultant on leadership and innovation to companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bose, Takeda, Li & Fung, OCP, Accenture, ASA and has served on the Board of the Penn Graduate School of Education and the working group of the Canadian Council of Academies.

Ancona holds a BA and an MS in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in management from Columbia University.   


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Transforming Your Leadership Strategy Mar 8-10, 2021 | Jun 15-17, 2021

Leadership in an Exponentially Changing World (self-paced online) Jan 27-Mar 16, 2021 | Mar 31-May 18, 2021 | May 26-Jul 13, 2021 | Aug 11-Sep 28, 2021 | Oct 20-Dec 7, 2021

Credible leaders walk the talk: An updated leadership framework

Decades of research by MIT Sloan Professor and Founder of the MIT Leadership Center Deborah Ancona and her colleagues have uncovered the four key capabilities of effective leaders—sensemaking, visioning, relating, and inventing. Known previously as the “4-CAP model,” this framework has recently been updated to add “building credibility” to its center and has been renamed "4-CAP+".

Thriving in Uncertainty

Organizations are facing an accelerated, interconnected and volatile stream of new challenges daily. As leaders you need to exude calm and empathy while simultaneously getting the organization to respond in a nimble and innovative way. Here Deborah Ancona reviews some of the leadership lessons gleaned from research at the MIT Leadership Center on leadership in an exponentially changing world.

Leading in a World of Uncertainty

In this webinar, Deborah Ancona introduces MIT's unique leadership perspective—a powerful, innovative approach to executive leadership that will help you make your organization more knowledge-driven and more innovative.

Professor Deborah Ancona on Transforming Your Leadership Strategy

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