Catherine Tucker

The Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management and Professor of Marketing MIT Sloan School of Management


Catherine Tucker

Catherine Tucker is the Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management and Professor of Marketing at MIT Sloan. She is also Chair of the MIT Sloan PhD Program.

Her research interests lie in how technology allows firms to use digital data to improve their operations and marketing, and in the challenges this poses for regulations designed to promote innovation. She has particular expertise in online advertising, digital health, social media, and electronic privacy. Generally, most of her research lies in the interface between marketing, economics, and law. 

She has received an NSF CAREER Award for her work on digital privacy, the Erin Anderson Award for Emerging Marketing Scholar and Mentor, the Paul E. Green Award for contributions to the practice of Marketing Research and a Garfield Award for her work on electronic medical records.

Tucker is associate editor at Management Science and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. She teaches MIT Sloan's course on Pricing and the EMBA course "Marketing Management for the Senior Executive." She has received the Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching as well as being voted "Teacher of the Year" at MIT Sloan.  

She holds a PhD in economics from Stanford University, and a BA from the University of Oxford.

Faculty Media

  • AMA honors MIT Sloan Executive Education faculty for "Harbingers of Failure"

    In their paper, Simester and Tucker revealed that some consumers have an unerring knack for buying “flop” products—that is, these “harbingers of failure” tend to repeatedly purchase new items that...

  • For Successful Social Distancing, Internet Speed Matters

    Access to high-speed internet indicates the likelihood that someone can self-isolate. The finding has implications for the gradual restart of the economy.

  • The Early Effects of Coronavirus-Related Social Distancing Restrictions on Brands

    This research paper presents some of the first evidence on the effect of the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) in the US on retail footfall traffic.

  • Social Distancing, Internet Access and Inequality

    This paper measures the role of the diffusion of high-speed Internet on an individual's ability to self-isolate during a global pandemic.

  • Algorithmic Bias or Fairness: The Importance of the Economic Context

    Catherine Tucker investigates what leads algorithms to reach apparently biased results—and whether there are causes grounded in economics.

  • Digital Economics

    This research paper by Catherine Tucker and Avi Goldfarb, published in the Journal of Economic Literature, examines whether and how digital technology changes economic activity.

  • [Innovation@work Blog] Why Enterprises Should Care About Blockchain

    Blockchain technology is hard to understand and even harder to predict. But given the promise of blockchain and its golden child, Bitcoin, you’d be wise to start making sense of it now.

  • The Privacy Paradox

    People like the idea of privacy but not the effort, research finds.

  • The 4 Mistakes Most Managers Make with Analytics

    The Wall Street Journal recently suggested that companies sit on a treasure trove of customer data but for the most part do not know how to use it. In this article, Catherine Tucker explores why.

  • Pizza Proffer Punctures Privacy Protection, Prompts Pals' Perfidy

    People like the idea of privacy but not the effort, research finds.


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