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Cassandra Frangos

Cassandra Frangos, Ed.D., joins the MIT Sloan Executive Education team as an expert adviser and coach on leadership and organizational transformation. She is a consultant on Spencer Stuart’s Leadership Advisory Services team and also a coach in Harvard Executive Education Programs. She collaborates with Fortune 500 leadership teams on executive assessments, succession planning, leadership development, and top team effectiveness.

Previously, Cassandra was the head of the global executive talent practice at Cisco, where she was responsible for accelerating the readiness of the talent at all levels of the organization to transform the business and culture. Through partnerships with the executive team, she deployed innovative approaches to organization design, succession planning, assessment, coaching and development programs to drive business results and innovation. She also played an integral role in the 2015 succession planning for Cisco’s CEO, one of the most respected and longest-tenured CEOs in the tech industry.

Prior to Cisco, Cassandra was head of organization development and learning at a biotechnology company. During her earlier management consulting career at Wyatt Worldwide, she partnered with leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies to facilitate organizational change efforts and develop talent and organizational strategies that delivered results. Cassandra was also the human capital practice leader at a management consulting firm led by thought leaders Drs. Bob Kaplan and Dave Norton, founders of the Balanced Scorecard.

Cassandra earned a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in a joint program with The Wharton School and the Graduate School of Education. Her research focus was on innovation and organizational practices. She received a dual master’s degree in organizational development and positive psychology in a joint degree program with Case Western Reserve University and Ashridge Business School. Her undergraduate degree is in business administration and psychology from Northeastern University. She has authored several publications with Harvard Business Publishing and with leading industry journals. She is also the author of the book, Crack the C-Suite Code: How Successful Leaders Make it to the Top.

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