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The best route to reach your destination: An interview with Executive Education certificate holder Gustavo Pospichel

Gustavo Pospischel, Senior Director of Core Mobile Engineering at Sears Holdings Corporation, spoke recently with MIT Sloan Executive Education about his experience on campus, why he chose MIT Sloan, and the benefits he received from the programs.

What executive education courses have you taken at MIT Sloan?
I’ve taken so many executive education courses at MIT Sloan, I don’t remember them all. But, the two I found very valuable were those taught but Professor Arnoldo Hax and Duncan Simester. One focused on the Delta Model and the other on technical marketing. Hax was amazing. It was a true eye-opening experience.

How have you applied what you learned during the courses back at your workplace?
Aside from expanding my knowledge base, I found the methodologies and business cases very beneficial and was able to apply what I learned to great success.

What key benefits did you gather from the MIT courses?
The courses at MIT Sloan allowed me to be more efficient in my day-to-day responsibilities. I found them extremely helpful in advancing my career and continue to recommend them to friends and co-workers.

Were you able to connect and network with other professionals?
An added benefit of my time on campus was the opportunity to network with peer professionals from around the world—both in classroom sessions, as well as on the campus.

Are there any particular insights from your course time at MIT Sloan you wish to share?As a seasoned sailor, I often compare my way of doing business with sailing trips. You have a boat and you know where you want to go. The challenge is to pick the best route to reach your destination. The MIT Sloan Executive Education programs have provided me with a key set of tools for my day-to-day business decisions. The information gleaned has taught me how to pick the best path to reach my business goals.

Gustavo Pospischel received an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation in 2007.

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