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Q&A with Innovating in Existing Markets Participant Nazly Granada, Marketing Manager at PepsiCo.

Nazly Granada

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Nazly Granada, Marketing Manager at PepsiCo and a participant in MIT’s Innovating in Existing Markets (Live Online), a three-day program designed for innovation-ready executives seeking an immersive learning experience.

What professional development goals were you hoping to meet by taking this course?
I truly believe in lifelong learning. Having updated knowledge to understand the impact of new technologies in society gives you the skills to implement changes rapidly. I have my MBA and several years of experience with global brands, so I have been looking for the next step in my education.

Coming from a marketing background, I wanted to find a program with innovation and digital transformation at its core. The Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation was the obvious choice for me, which helps me towards my goal of eventually completing the Advanced Certificate for Executives (ACE) at MIT Sloan Executive Education. I want to focus on digital strategy, so I like being able to choose the courses and topics I am interested in.

What does innovation mean to you?
Innovation means being part of the digital transformation now. The digital economy is presenting new challenges and as an effective leader, I need to be able to understand the opportunities presented by blockchain, AI, and more.

Innovation changes the way we do business and I need to implement strategies that really make a difference. The benefits of taking innovation courses right now includes learning consumer centric tools to overcome challenges, drive change, and facilitate innovation-lead growth. That’s how Innovating in Existing Markets broadened my perspective in context of the challenges happening today, and helped me find answers.

Live online

How was the live online experience?
The live online experience with MIT Executive Education was very comfortable – this is how I work anyway because I am on a regional team. At first, everything was moved online out of necessity and now it’s the new reality, and I do not have to do as much traveling as I normally would. It is convenient that everything can be done online and I am still able to network with a diverse group of global peers.

Is this your first live online course with MIT?
Yes, this is my first live online course with MIT and being able to take it live online was something I fully embrace. I chose executive education at MIT because there is a clear goal with the program and it stood out above the other options. MIT strikes the perfect balance between technology with business and management.

Tell me about some of the key learnings you took away from the program that you hope to apply at work. What was a highlight of the program for you?
The program was stimulating with a really pragmatic way of looking at innovation. We are moving away from disruption and trying to innovate around the box instead. It’s a really agile and efficient way to solve real business problems that you can do day-to-day. You can implement the learnings from this program right away.

The highlight of the class was the guest lecturer. Robbie Bach, who was Chief Xbox Officer at Microsoft, revealed his strategies for innovation and pushing his team of experts. He was refreshing in how open he was to sharing his experiences and interact with the participants.

Did you have the opportunity to network with peers? Are you still connected with any of them?
Yes, another benefit of the live online discussion is that the class was very diverse. Participants from all over the world, nearly every time zone, joined our virtual classroom. I have connected with some on LinkedIn and we still message. Networking was a good additional aspect of the class.

Learn more about Innovating in Existing Markets: Reviving Mature Products and Services at MIT.


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