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MIT Sloan’s Associate Dean of Executive Education elected as Chair of UNICON

As part of our commitment to advancing the field of executive education, MIT Sloan has been involved in the Global Industry Association for University-based Executive Education (UNICON) since we participated in its founding, over 40 years ago. We are pleased to announce that Rochelle Weichman, our Associate Dean of Executive Education, has been elected as Chair of this global association of business–school–based executive education organizations.

UNICON’s community of members is engaged in accelerating the development of business leaders and managers by designing and delivering non-degree executive education courses and programs for individuals and organizations. UNICON exists to share experience, promote best practices, and support the development of its member organizations and their professional staff. There are currently 110 academic institution members from all over the world.

“Building on the great work of our board and working committees over the years, UNICON members can look forward to new research, enhanced communications, and even more opportunities to grow as professionals in this field,” said Weichman. “I hope to engage our membership at a new level.”

Weichman has served in her role as MIT Sloan’s Associate Dean for Executive Education for three years. Prior to that, she served for five years as the program’s Executive Director. During this time, the department’s revenue and staff size doubled. In total, Weichman has spent 23 years at MIT Sloan, having earlier overseen a master’s degree program.

While the Chair appointment is just one year, Weichman partnered with the previous Chair when serving as Vice Chair, working closely on a two-year strategy that includes team development, benchmarking, and research projects—projects that help level-set everyone’s understanding about what’s going on in the field.

“As UNICON members, we have a very important duty,” said Weichman. “We need to prepare for what’s coming in our industry, share with one another what we are learning, and care for our clients, our teams, our faculty, our universities. That’s why I am excited about UNICON as an organization, and that’s what I hope to encourage as Chairperson of the board.”

Speaking about MIT Sloan’s own executive education programs, Weichman explained that “transformational challenges require companies to invest in the development of new capabilities, which often cross traditional functional and organizational boundaries.” She added that one of the keys to MIT Sloan Executive Education’s successes has been “partnering with clients who share this belief and, like us, take a systems view of the organization and its business environment.”


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