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MIT Sloan faculty earn esteemed awards

Four MIT Sloan faculty were recently honored for their outstanding teaching accomplishments and presented with prestigious awards at special ceremonies held on campus this month.

“At MIT Sloan, we are fortunate that the ‘best of the best’ MBA faculty also teach in our executive education program, which is not necessarily the case at other schools,” said Peter Hirst, Executive Director of MIT Sloan Executive Education.

The coveted Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching was given to Catherine Tucker and Michelle Hanlon. Funded by MIT Alumnus J. Burgess Jamieson, SB ’52, and his wife, Libby J. Burgess, the prize was established in 2006 to honor faculty contributions to educational innovation and excellence. Tucker received the award for developing a pricing course for the MIT Sloan curriculum. In addition to authoring new lecture materials for the program, Tucker also used innovative pedagogy that integrated simulations, games, small-group discussions, and cutting-edge research. Hanlon, whose research focuses on a mix of taxation and financial accounting, was recognized for her “passionate commitment to high standards of teaching,” her use of innovative classroom materials, and development of three new courses for the MIT Sloan curriculum.

In addition to the Jamieson Prize, awards were also given for the year’s best teachers and instructors at the 23rd annual MIT Sloan Excellence in Teaching Awards presentation. Tucker also received the Teacher of the Year Award. Students said she was someone who “perfectly embodies our mission and leads by example with mind, hand, and heart.” Last year, Tucker won an Outstanding Teacher Award.

MIT Sloan Dean David Schmittlein presented Outstanding Teacher of the Year Awards to Zeynep Ton and Vivek Farias, who both teach in the Operations Management group at the School. Ton is known for a teaching style that is immediately applicable in the workplace and stays with students long after they finish her course. Farias’s passionate teaching style has inspired many to pursue operations and energized students so they are able to apply lessons learned. Students added that Farias can “break down the most complex ideas into simple, understandable terms.”

MIT Sloan doctoral student Richard Thakor received the Outstanding Teaching Assistant (TA) Award for his efforts in financial management and functional and strategic finance, as well as his “painstaking preparation and patience.”


The award recipients teach in a variety of courses at MIT Sloan School of Management. For MIT Sloan Executive Education, Catherine Tucker teaches in Strategic Marketing for the Technical Executive and Systematic Innovation of Products, Processes, and Services, as well as the Entrepreneurship Development Program and the Global Executive Academy; Michelle Hanlon teaches in Strategic Cost Analysis for Managers; Zeynep Ton teaches in Strategies for Sustainable Business and Developing a Leading Edge Operations Strategy; and Vivek Farias teaches in Developing a Leading Edge Operations Strategy.