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MIT Sloan Executive Certificates--the questions you've always wanted to ask

If you're considering pursuing an Executive Certificate with MIT Sloan Executive Education, you probably have some questions about the process. Here are some answers that may help.

What is an MIT Sloan Executive Certificate?

An Executive Certificate is a course of study that allows participants to further their business knowledge and skills on a convenient, flexible schedule--in as few as two weeks or over time (up to four years).  It is formal recognition of professional development and commitment to continuous learning.

What types of certificates are available?

Each of our 40+ short courses fall into one of three areas of concentration known as certificate tracks: Management and LeadershipStrategy and Innovation; and Technology, Operations, and Value Chain Management. Certificates are offered in each of these tracks, which focus on specific areas of interest and meet different goals.

What is the focus of the Management and Leadership track?

This track is an ideal option for technical executives who want to enhance their general management and leadership skills to become confident leaders prepared to tackle challenging issues in complex environments. The curriculum focuses on core business competencies including marketing, finance, negotiations, change management, and systems thinking, offering solutions to problems that executives face every day.

What is the focus of the Strategy and Innovation track?

MIT Sloan is world renowned for the development and advancement of bold management methods and practices that address critical business issues in innovation. Participants in this track will examine cutting-edge strategic approaches and tools for managing products, technology, and an innovative company culture--as well as how to incorporate forward-looking digital strategies to enhance organizational success.

What is the focus of the Technology, Operations, and Value Chain Management Track?

Technology-based processes are so intrinsic to today's business environment that many people underestimate their impact and the unexpected ways technology may be used. Programs in this track offer nontechnical executives and tech-savvy managers an opportunity to discover how to recognize, manage, and profit from the significant ways in which rapidly evolving technology and global networks transform an organization.

How do I qualify for an Executive Certificate?

To qualify, participants must complete four programs--with at least three coming from their chosen certificate track--within a four-year period. At least one of the programs must be attended in person rather than virtually. There are many different program combinations available, including the option of completing the Executive Certificate requirements in as few as two weeks (our many consecutive programs make it possible to complete two programs in as few as four days).

How much does an Executive Certificate cost?

The cost of your certificate is the total cost of the four programs you choose.  For example, you may select three two-day programs and one week-long program or four two day programs, etc.; the cost will vary depending on your choices. Take advantage of our multi-registration discount by registering for several programs at one time via a single application form. This discount takes 15% off each "additional" program (e.g., If you are enrolling in four two-day programs, the first program would be at the full price of $3,300, and the three additional programs would be at the discounted price of $2,805 each.)

What are the benefits of earning an MIT Sloan Executive Certificate?

Benefits include:

  • A 20% discount on future open enrollment programs
  • Invitations to special events and networking opportunities
  • Updates on faculty research, new programs, and School initiatives, and
  • Membership in the MIT Sloan Executive Certificate Network Group on LinkedIn

Here’s how to get started:  

1.)   Select your timeframe: from two weeks up to four years
2.)   Choose your track: Management and LeadershipStrategy and Innovation; or Technology, Operations, and Value Chain Management
3.)   Pick three courses in that track and one course from any of the tracks. You can register for each course individually, or all at once.

Our executive education staff will be happy to assist you in designing your Executive Certificate program plan to meet your individual and organizational objectives. Please feel free to contact us at

To find out how executive certificates have impacted the careers of business leaders from around the world--meet some of our certificate holders.


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