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Davide Sartini engages MIT to help him prepare UNIFILL for the future

Davide Sartini, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at UNIFILL

Davide Sartini is Vice President of Sales & Marketing at UNIFILL, a leader in the manufacturing of equipment for the production of single-dose containers (thermoforming technology) based in Italy, with offices in the United States, Germany, and China. Davide came to MIT Sloan Executive Education to learn and practice business frameworks that would be directly applicable to the company’s “iGs” business model."

“The ‘i’ in iGs stands for innovation,” explains Davide. “Thanks to our company’s history and the visionary choices of the owner, Moreno Monti, UNIFILL found a way to transform this beautiful word into a real development engine that supports and stimulates the initiatives of its managers.” Davide says the company’s commitment to innovation is what prompted him to select the Strategy and Innovation track at MIT.

“The ‘G’ in the ‘iGs’ business model stands for our green strategy. It is very important for us to find ways to be sustainable, including adopting new technologies and working with our suppliers to explore new recyclable or compostable materials.”

The last pillar of the model is safety. “Safety 100% without comprise,” says Davide, explaining that since the company was established in 1979, their machines have produced billions of parts for industries like food, personal care, pharma, pet care, confectionary, and more. “We can’t compromise on safety or sustainability. And, as we look to the future, we know the packaging industry will change. Innovation is essential. Which is why our business model is the synchronization of these three pillars.”

As a young man, Davide’s studies were interrupted for economic reasons. He became a farm worker, which enabled him to eventually return to his academic path. From that point on, he never stopped studying and consistently sought opportunities to improve and enrich himself. He obtained a three-year degree in marketing and then a master’s degree in international economics and law. He was later recognized as one of the 150 top managers under 44 in Italy according to Capital 4.0. Over the years he studied abroad and focused his career on sales, marketing, and digital innovation.

In 2020, Davide earned his MIT Sloan Executive Certificate Strategy & Innovation by completing Digital Business Strategy: Harnessing Our Digital Future; Mastering Design Thinking; Understanding Global Markets: Macroeconomics for Executives; and Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application. He was certain these courses would help him make a difference in his role.

“Mastering Design Thinking provided me with excellent tools, best practices, and an innovative mindset with which I could further develop the business model,” says Davide. “Unfortunately, when it came time to fly to the U.S. for the macroeconomics course with Roberto Rigobon, COVID-19 had become a global pandemic. MIT offered the course in a live online format, and it was wonderful. Professor Rigobon is a volcano of ideas with an extraordinary talent for involving the class.”

Davide said he chose to earn an Executive Certificate for several reasons, starting with MIT’s international prestige, the presence of a high-level people network, and its first-rate professors. “What struck me the most about this track and the courses I chose was the skillful mix of theory and technique. Within the educational experience, theory came to life through the aid of different statistical and mathematical models. And I was the excited by the possibility of applying these learnings in different scenarios and environments.”

“I was also impressed with the MIT Sloan Executive Education staff, who were always present as part of their own learning and development who and took into consideration everyone’s opinions and experiences. It was a pleasure getting to know them. I really felt part of a team where everyone is open to learning and challenging themselves.”

Davide added that he continues to collaborate and keep in touch with another course attendee. “The MIT experience doesn’t stop after the course is over.”

Hear Davide speak about his MIT experience in this short video.


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