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Just ask: tapping into your internal innovation pipeline

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 10 days ago

Improving Quality of Conversations

Organizations that seek input from employees enjoy higher employee loyalty, attract better talent, and, as a result, are more innovative and competitive than those who do not. Yet, think about how often you have a substantive conversation with your manager. How about with your direct reports?

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For true digital transformation, businesses must embrace agility

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 20 days ago

Jeanne Ross on Agility

Today, most companies are confronting the reality of how to integrate digital into their business. MIT's Jeanne Ross recently conducted a webinar in which she talked about leveraging agile IT for digital transformation. Agility is especially important for traditional companies that are going digital, because “what made them successful in the past is not necessarily going to make them successful going forward,” says Ross.

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Faculty forecasts and insights for 2019

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 5 days ago

MIT Sloan faculty forecasts for 2019

To kick off the new year, we asked MIT Sloan Executive Education faculty to weigh in on trends they’re seeing in their fields—from creating cyber-safe cultures to the intersection between neuroscience and AI. Here are their forecasts for 2019, including suggestions for how you and your organization can adapt and stay ahead.

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BBQ, WhatsApp, and MIT Sloan Executive Education

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 9 days ago

“Chilean Executive MIT” on campus in the fall of 2018.

Your network is what you make it. MIT’s executive programs are designed to spark curiosity and continuous learning to drive innovation and impact, but what happens outside the classroom and beyond is up to the individual. Four Chilean participants—who call themselves “Chilean Executive MIT"— share their story of forming meaningful connections in our programs.

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Faculty spotlight: Vladimir Bulovic, MIT.nano Director, engineering professor, inventor, tech entrepreneur

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 9 days ago

Vladimir Bulović

Vladimir Bulović has been in the media spotlight lately as the director of MIT.nano, the brand new 200,000-square-foot nanoscience and nanotechnology center that opened in October in the heart of campus. (Bulović also teaches in our Advanced Management Program.) We recently caught up with Bulović between teaching sessions to get his thoughts on what makes MIT such a special place for "moving hard tech from the lab into the light."

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No office, no desk, no problem: How our team makes flexible, shared workspace actually work

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 19 days ago

Open Office plan at MIT Sloan

It’s no secret that the "open layout" has less to do with improving office feng shui than with packing more workers into a smaller space. However, as the MIT Sloan Executive Education team had discovered from our own experience, a smaller open footprint doesn’t necessarily mean crammed quarters when a workspace is designed specifically for the people using it.

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Study shows that STEM career ads are disproportionately seen by men

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 24 days ago

Woman in STEM career

When is the last time you saw an online ad for a STEM career? If you’re a man, it might have been recently. If you’re a woman, you might not have seen the ads at all. MIT Sloan Professor Catherine Tucker and Anja Lambrecht, a London Business School Marketing Professor, conducted an experiment about the display of STEM career ads and found that the ads are disproportionately seen by men.

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Celebrating the 20th year of the Entrepreneurship Development Program

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 2 months ago

The Entrepreneurship Development Program 20th Anniversary

January 20 marks the 20th year that global entrepreneurs have descended on MIT Sloan Executive Education for the Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP)—an intense week of hands-on training in launching prosperous, innovation-driven ventures. EDP is packed with captivating lectures, guest speakers, team activities, networking, and idea pitching—its like "drinking from a fire hose."

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