MIT Sloan's Distinct Advantages

MIT Sloan's Distinct Advantages

When Dean David Schmittlein joined the MIT Sloan School in 2007, one of his early initiatives was to work with the School's community to  identify key, defining attributes of the MIT Sloan School that together distinguish MIT Sloan among the top schools of management and business in the world. These have become known fondly as our "Dean's Six Distinctive Advantages". The MIT Sloan Distinct Advantages are also reflected in our approach to executive education:

Customized Programs: We are committed to providing a wide range of executive education programs representative of the range of management disciplines and business issues that are studied across the MIT Sloan School, offered both in open enrollment formats for individuals, and in custom formats that are highly tailored - often designed from the ground up - for the needs and challenges faced by our corporate clients.

Action Learning: We believe passionately that individuals, teams and organizations learn by doing.  Consistent with the MIT ethos of "mind and hand", MIT Sloan Executive Education programs combine cutting edge research and theory with practical, hands-on examples and practice.  We are pioneers in the use of concept-based action learning projects to embed learning, and create  real value from executive education programs.

Transformation: We specialize in helping companies and individuals that are facing transformational issues and challenges, whether they are self-generated or imposed by external factors.

Lasting Knowledge: We are not swayed by fleeting management fads and fashions.  At MIT Sloan Executive Education we have a laser-like focus on rigor and relevance in all our programs.  We advocate systematic, evidence-based, data-driven management, leveraging tools and frameworks that in many cases were developed right here at MIT.

Global Impact: MIT Sloan Executive Education's corporate clients and our individual participants are quite literally changing the world.  They are global leaders and innovators from every walk of life: business, government, healthcare, the third sector and the arts.  They live, work and create lasting impacts, business and societal benefits on every continent (including Antarctica!)

Local Reach: We frequently collaborate across MIT, bringing the extraordinary expertise of our colleagues in engineering, the sciences, the social sciences and humanities to bear in our executive education programs.

Custom Program Brochure

MIT Sloan’s custom programs give participants an opportunity to apply MIT-developed theories to actual problems and opportunities, both in the classroom and back at their organization.