MIT Sloan Executive Education Distinct Advantages

MIT Sloan's non-degree executive education programs hold a unique position in the highly competitive market for corporate training. Our vision is to be the school of choice for developing leadership talent in companies strategically driven by innovation, emerging technologies, entrepreneurship, and global reach.

Leading Thinkers

All corporate training programs are designed, led, and often taught entirely by full-time, senior MIT faculty. Our faculty's tools and frameworks provide participants with new ways to think about doing business, new perspectives for analyzing challenges, and new approaches for solving problems. The deep engagement of our faculty with practicing managers also provides a mechanism to develop the next generation of our research in the current industrial context of our executive program clients.

Unique Program Content

In many programs, breakthrough concepts and methods are taught by the very faculty that developed them, bringing leading-edge management research directly into the corporate training and executive classroom experience. Here are just a few examples of the program material you will find only at MIT:
  • Our Business Dynamics program features Jay Forrester, the inventor of the field of system dynamics and its world-renowned pioneer.
  • The revolutionary Delta Model framework was developed by Arnoldo Hax, who is leading several of our corporate strategy programs.
  • Steven Eppinger, the author of the Product Design and Development textbook used at hundreds of universities around the world, is the leader of programs on product design and complex project management.
  • MIT's unique Distributed Leadership Model was developed by Deborah Ancona, the author of X-Teams: How to Build Teams that Lead, Innovate, and Succeed and the faculty leader of several programs in our Management and Leadership track.

Most Influential Organizations

Through our custom programs, we partner with some of the world's most influential organizations to drive transformational change in their businesses and industries. We look for companies that are interested in making fundamental, strategic changes in the way they do business, and we provide them with the means to do so. We realize that it is critical to apply theory in the context of complex, real company issues. Accordingly, a hallmark of our custom programs is concept-based action learning. From deep dives to team projects, our programs incorporate the latest approaches for increasing the depth and breadth of learning and yielding real results for partner organizations.

Best of MIT

Executive education programs at MIT Sloan reflect MIT's culture of collaboration. We work with faculty from throughout the Institute in order to bring together the expertise required to meet our customers' needs. Participants gain access across MIT to the world's leading experts in areas related to their programs, businesses and training needs. This interdisciplinary approach of integrating management with science and technology allows us to address a diverse set of business challenges and meet the needs of organizations from a wide array of industries.

Since its founding, the MIT Sloan School of Management has been a leader in providing managers with the tools they need to drive innovation. From option pricing theory to system dynamics to collective intelligence, MIT Sloan's contributions continue to enhance executive education and improve its practice around the world.