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MIT Sloan meets the various needs of all types of organizations, providing access to cutting-edge research and world-renowned faculty through our Executive Education portfolio of open enrollment courses and high-yield custom programs designed with specific goals in mind.

Open Enrollment Programs

Designed for senior executives and high-potential managers worldwide, our open enrollment programs reflect MIT Sloan’s core mission—to develop principled, innovative leaders and to generate ideas that advance management practice. Our portfolio of more than 30 executive courses—taught by senior MIT Sloan faculty—address immediate business challenges using practical tools and frameworks, many of which have been developed by the faculty themselves. These programs provide excellent networking opportunities and convenient, flexible formats—from two-day courses to immersive one-month programs. 

Team Discounts
Organizations sending three or more participants to any one of our open enrollment programs are eligible for a 15% tuition discount. We hope that our team discount encourages companies to send teams of employees to attend a program together, enabling them to develop a shared language and common understanding of the program concepts and tools. Together they can apply their learning with greater impact in their organizations.

Organizations sending 10 or more individuals to any number of our open enrollment courses may qualify for additionally discounted pricing. Contact to learn more.

Multiple Program Registration Discount
Individuals registering at one time for more than one program receive 15% off each additional program (e.g., if enrolling in three two-day programs, the first program would be at the full price of $3,300, and the two additional programs would be at the discounted price of $2,805 each). All program registrations must be submitted via a single application form.

View our open enrollment portfolio of more than 40 short courses and search for courses by topic area or date.

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