Asaad Al-Jomoai

Asaad Al-Jomoai

Profile Information

  • Company/Organization: National Water Company
  • Job Title: Senior Manager, Applications Department
  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Program Days Completed: 20

Certificate Holder Biography

In his current role, Asaad has the responsibility of rolling out National Water Company’s corporate application systems; mainly enterprise resource planning. Previously, he successfully managed and delivered Saudi Arabia’s national public integration infrastructure project. Known as the “Government Service Bus” (GSB), it was a mega project geared towards integrating Saudi Arabia’s public sector e-services via a sophisticated state-of-the-art integration technology and adopting a cutting-edge service oriented architecture. GSB is the largest public integration middleware project in the world. Asaad was awarded formal recognition by the Saudi minister of communications and information technology for his accomplishment in this capacity. During his post at the Saudi e-Government program, Asaad was also heavily involved in public services transformation and modernization and was formally recognized by the director of the Saudi e-Government program for his pivotal role in the development of Saudi Arabia’s national e-Government action plan.

Asaad is a high caliber and multidisciplinary individual. He is very much acquainted with a variety of professional skills spanning business process management and re-designing techniques, e-Business enablement, and complex projects management. He has a special interest in entrepreneurship and strategic development and actively engages in revamping strategic initiatives. He holds a BA in information systems and an MBA from King Saud University.
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