Jonathan Huer

Jonathan Huer

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  • Company/Organization: Ball State University
  • Job Title: Director, Emerging Technology and Media Development
  • Country: United States
  • Program Days Completed: 8

Certificate Holder Biography

Jonathan Blake Huer ( is Director of Emerging Technologies and Media Development at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana. As such, he is responsible for two different, but integrated activities. His team produces a wide array of innovative solutions including apps, websites, kiosks, and videos for on campus classes, faculty, and grants. In addition, they provide the same for off-campus clients such as the Indiana State Legislature. Huer adds this is all accomplished while training students and providing a few years of important work experience before they graduate.

Most recently, Jonathan and his staff helped the Indiana State Legislature implement an electronic document process and provided the creative direction for the new website. The projects are completed with the help of students—known as the Digital Corps—under the supervision of experienced professional staff.

Prior to coming to Ball State University, Jonathan worked in the entertainment industry. He has produced a Spanglish feature, Vale Todo; an award-winning app, Alternate Endings; and just finished his first book, Be Employed When You Graduate. (

Jonathan was recently selected as the Mira Award winner for “Tech Educator of the Year,” thanks to his “innovative work teaching students to be entrepreneurial innovators and his determination to push the boundaries of traditional education models.” Huer credits his success to the knowledge gained during his MIT Sloan experience.

Jonathan adds that the courses in the certificate program, although not directed at higher education, are relevant, useful, and immediately applicable today as his field deals with ongoing challenges. “In addition, I gained a better understanding of how managers think and their struggles both through meeting other learners as well as engaging with the faculty. And, I was able to explain the new lessons I learned to others at my institution as I worked through creating our new units. In short, the courses filled in some gaps I had since I lack a more formal management education.”

Jonathan received a Bachelors degree in design/media arts from University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA) in 2003, and an MFA in motion picture producing from University of Southern California’s Peter Stark Producing Program in 2005. He earned an MIT Sloan Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation in 2009. The “Tech Educator of the Year” is an Apple Distinguished Educator and an Adobe Education Leader.
I was fortunate to take the MIT Sloan Executive Education courses at just the right time. I literally was able to apply the information I learned to everything from the redesign of our physical spaces to the organizational charts to the way we manage our intergenerational and interdisciplinary staff/student project teams. I modified the best practices taught in the classes slightly to mold them to my institution’s specific needs. Now, about five years later, the results have been extraordinary.

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