Bhavik Kumar

Bhavik Kumar

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  • Company/Organization: Medibox Technologies
  • Job Title: Co-Founder
  • Country: India
  • Program Days Completed: 9

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Bhavik Kumar has worked in telecom services, financial services, pharmaceuticals and healthcare for over 13 years. He has worked in senior management role for about 5 years including as CEO for 3 years in Pharmaceuticals and healthcare verticals. His expertise includes strategic planning, business development and general management. He is co-founder of Medibox Technologies, a Bangalore based venture in pharma and healthcare that enables business on SaaS based data analytics platform through digitally connected devices.

Bhavik lead his previous organisation, RSM to create new ventures and expand business both vertically and horizontally for pharmaceuticals, consumables, surgicals, disposables, preventive healthcare and wellness products. He is a specialist in wholesaling & distribution, supply chain solutions, contract manufacturing & marketing and international trading for healthcare industry. He has worked with various international organisations and government sponsored trade associations.

Bhavik joined the group company of RSM Pharma in August 2009 as VP - Corporate Finance and within few months he undertook various responsibilities of projects. Later he worked in operations role for 9 months at RSM and additionally took over the business development and sales responsibilities for 3 new verticals and represented the board as CEO. He has been the change agent in the organisation for adapting new technologies and ensuring systems, processes and policies were laid down, followed and audited.

Bhavik has worked with Standard Chartered, UTI Securities and Way2wealth in business development, sales and branch management roles for 4 years.

Bhavik completed his graduation and masters in commerce from Bangalore. He has received an international business certification through a three years diploma program from NMIT, Australia. He has also done PGD in Marketing & Advertising from BVB and Event Management from EMDI. He completed a one-year senior management program from MIT Sloan School of Management, Boston in December 2014 and is alumni.

Bhavik has successfully grown the corporate ladder; worked at various managerial positions; has proven his leadership capabilities across verticals; managed complex partnerships; sustained hardships and developed an effective corporate culture.

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