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  • Maximiliano M.: As quoted by Freud in mass psychology Gustavo Le Bon explaining that "the collective soul makes them (individuals) feel, think and act in a way completely different from how you feel, think, and each of them would work in isolation." This leads us to think in certain collective actions seem possible at the individual level but who are not at the collective level. From this, quickly jumped into the concept of the paradox of isolation of A. Sen. Where in his analysis of trading strategies, concludes that in certain cases it is necessary to impose the social contract agreed by all the individuals. As a first approach to our conclusion, our collective goal of environmental responsibility, intergenerational, may involve obligations on the part of any specific global entity. UN?

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The next generation of innovators in clean energy

Date Added: August 03, 2010 2:13 AM

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Bill Aulet on the next generation of innovators in clean energy

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