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Title: Platform Wars: Simulating the Battle for Video Game Supremacy

Description: In this live, web-based simulation, participants play the role of senior management of a video game hardware platform producer such as Sega, Nintendo, or Microsoft. Built around a companion case study describing the launch of Sonys PS3, participants learn about the dynamics of competition in multi-sided markets. In such markets success depends not only on a products price and features, but on how many people own it (a direct network externality) and on the number of games and applications available that is, the size of the installed base of complementary products (an indirect network externality). Platform markets are increasingly common in settings besides video games, including computers, the Internet and e-commerce, mobile telecommunications, and many others.

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Platform Wars: Simulating the Battle for Video Game Supremacy

Date Added: May 11, 2012 12:54 PM

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