Systematic Innovation of Products, Processes, and Services

Description: For past, present, and future participants of the program. Formerly Product Design, Development, and Management.

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We've changed the name of this group to match the new name for the program (formerly Product Design, Development, and Management). The new name is designed to reflect the fact that the program is no longer focused primarily on manufactured products but on innovations in products, processes, and services.

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  • Carlos A.: Hi , I'm Carlos Arruda, from Brazil too, I am Manager of R&D at Security Information company and now we are implementing the PDDM in our company and really is quite effective and we are getting amazing results, but really we needed to adapt the PDDM due to the previous focus was in Manufactured Products. The PDDM is effective in all kind of perspectives of the product lifecycle. I would like to attend the new Systematic Innovation of Products, processes and Services but this year is hard with the new challenges that my department is facing in the company, but I sure the next year I will be there.

    Posted: September 12, 2012 9:39 AM

  • Gunter G.: An interesting topic would be who to best involve users into the innovation of IT related services. Something which basically applies to everybody offering IT based services such as web sites.

    Posted: September 12, 2012 4:20 AM

  • Robert F.: Hello, I'm Robert Fernandez, from Brazil, currently working in Product development in IBM Brazil. Products related to IT Services. I will be in late october in MIT to attend the Systematic Innovation of Products, processes and Services. Looking forward to it.

    Posted: September 11, 2012 10:55 AM

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