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How do I find people to add to MyNetwork?

Other community members are easy to find. Other members can be found through program reviews they have submitted; content they have shared and/or commented on; networks of your own connections; discussions; shared groups; and program sessions you have shared with other members of the community – just to list a few.

What if someone does not accept my network request?

If a community member does not accept your network request, you will not be notified and they will not be added to your network. We would recommend against sending additional networking requests, as this individual may not be open to connecting at this time.



What kind of content should I share?

The site accepts photos, documents, videos, articles, and links, which can be posted to the general community section, groups, or within sessions. A full list of file types is shown on the upload section of the site.

Share content that you find engaging and wish to share with other participants in our executive education programs, and within our community. The content can be thought starters, discussion items ? anything you feel will add value for other members of the site.

What types of photos should I share?

We would prefer that personal profile photos are added to your profile and not shared in the Media Gallery. Beyond that, it’s up to you as a community member. The intention of allowing our users to share photos is that the photos will add value for community members. Examples would include photos from recent programs attended at MIT, as well as influential management and business events.

Can I post my resume?

Yes. Once logged into your MySloanExecEd account, you may upload your resume or cv by going to the "Edit Profile" button under your profile's photograph. You may then upload your file in the "About Me" section at the top of the page. Once you have uploaded the file, be sure to hit the "Save Changes" button.

How do I delete content that I have uploaded?

If you would like to delete content (links, articles, videos, audio, photos, or documents and presentations) that you have uploaded to the community, go to the "Community" tab on your profile. Scroll down to the "MyContent" section. Here you will see all of the content that you have uploaded to the community. Click on the "Delete" button that appears at the bottom of the piece of content that you would like to delete.



Why join the MySLOAN ExecEd community?

The MySLOAN ExecEd community offers the opportunity to network with top executives from all over the world, many of whom also take part in programs at ExecEd. As a member, you will be able to share and discuss your content with thought leaders, market yourself through your profile, and track your program and certificate status. And, those are just a few of the benefits.

Who can join the community?

Anyone can join! Regardless of whether you have taken programs with us in the past, or intend to in the future, you are welcome to take part in the community, connect with other members, and share your content.

What are the benefits of a public profile versus a private one?

A public profile will allow other members to find your profile and connect with you on the site. Your profile can be customized to share the information you want, such as your company, and hide other information, such as your phone number. If you are only comfortable sharing limited information but still want to have a public profile, our privacy settings allow for a highly-customized experience.

As a public member, your profile will be accessible through the content you contribute to the community, such as program reviews or discussions, connections you share, or sessions you share with other community members.

Private member profiles appear on the site as private. Members will have access to your profile page through your interactions in the community, but your profile will not contain your name, photo, or any personal information.
Please note: Your profile information will never be made available beyond the community. For more information on the MIT Sloan Executive Education Privacy Policy, click here.



What goes in MyMessages on my profile?

MyMessages is where your network, and people interested in connecting with you, can leave messages about programs you’ve shared, business and networking activities, and any other comments and discussions relative to the community. Members may also write messages on their own profile, in response to comments from other members, or to post something relevant to the community, such as job opportunities.

We will also be making updates to the profile pages to include an “About Me” section where members can add additional details about themselves, such as their expertise and the types of people with whom they are interested in connecting.

Can I display my LinkedIn public profile url on my MySloanExecEd profile?

Yes. Once you are logged into your profile, click on the "Edit Profile" button under your photo. In the "About Me" section you can enter your LinkedIn profile url in the box. Once you are done, be sure to hit the "Save Changes" button.