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Title: Fall 2011 Exec Ed Newsletter

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MIT Sloan, Executive Education
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Welcome to the Fall 2011
MIT Sloan Exec Ed Newsletter
The latest cutting-edge content, insights, and information
from MIT Sloan Executive Education
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Achieving Optimum Negotiation Results
Successful negotiations depend on a collaborative experience. The new program, Negotiation for Executives, uses real-world examples and extensive personalized feedback to help participants discover how to reach beneficial resolutions for success at the bargaining table. The spring session will be held April 1718, 2012.
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Strategy in a Global World
Another new programStrategy in a Global Worldis based on a new view of the world and the way business must work in the context of globalization. To survive and prosper today, companies must expand their focus beyond traditional ideas to develop a wider vision that encompasses all aspects of being a global organization.
The first session will be held March 12, 2012.
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Professor Rigobon Shares His Thoughts on World Markets
In this interview, MIT Sloan Professor of Applied Economics Roberto Rigobon talks about the volatile world markets, lessons learned, and his "Britney Spears Theorem" regarding inflation.

Rigobon teaches in the Corporate Strategy, Dynamics of Globalization, and Understanding Global Markets: Macroeconomics for Executives programs.

An Interconnected World Needs Systems Thinking
A recent article and video in the Huffington Post addresses the growing need for systems thinking in today's increasingly interconnected world. Systems thinking is the process of understanding how different systems fit together and influence each other. The article notes that today's successful leaders need to be systems thinkers who ask the right questions and learn new rules of engagement. Systems thinking and the related concept of system dynamics have been a focus at MIT for decades, and our faculty are pioneers in the field. Hear what Peter Senge, MIT Sloan senior lecturer of leadership and sustainability, says about systems thinking and what it means to leadership today.
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Learn about systems thinking in our week-long program, Business Dynamics: MIT's Approach to Diagnosing and Solving Complex Business Problems, or in the two-day program, Understanding and Solving Complex Business Problems.

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"The insights, methods, and techniques that I have gained by attending MIT Sloan programs represent valuable tools for success in these turbulent market conditions. The experiences have also given me valuable opportunities to collaborate with forward-thinking executives from outside my industry."
Mitra Best, U.S. Innovation Leader, PwC Innovation Office, U.S., MIT Sloan Executive Certificate holder, Strategy and Innovation

Best earned a certificate in Strategy and Innovation; read her full profile.
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Read about PowerPitch, an American Idol-like innovation contest that is the brainchild of Best, which was launched by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) last November.

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Learning by Playing at MIT Sloan
Desi Anwar, MIT Sloan Executive Education Custom Program participant and senior anchor for Metro TV in Jakarta, Indonesia, talks about the experience of "learning to learn" at MIT Sloan, which she says is "awe inspiring because MIT is a seat of learning for some of the smartest people in the world; a pantheon of scientists, inventors, innovators, thinkers, Nobel Prize winners, and individuals instrumental in shaping the world..."

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Government Spending on Innovative Enterprise Is Good Business
According to MIT Sloan Dean David Schmittlein, in this recent airing on CNBC Squawk Box, the government should be smart and strategic about the type of spending it does. The Dean suggests that if the government spends on innovative enterprise in America, it can put those dollars to good use.
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U.S. Workers Face Decade of Lost Opportunity
With family incomes falling during these slower economic times, Thomas Kochan, MIT Sloan professor of engineering systems, laments that this generation is less able to pursue the American Dream. Kochan says although corporate profits and productivity have soared, incomes have not, and the impact has been devastating for middle-class families.

The Pros and Cons of the Virtual Office
In a recent issue of Technology Review, Principal Research Scientist at MIT's Center for Digital Business Andrew McAfee discusses how today's workplace office is different because of its virtual aspect. McAfee says even though work can be done anywhere, face-to-face interaction will remain crucial.

Women Still a Minority in Leadership Positions
An article in the Los Angeles Times discusses an emerging trend on Wall Street: in today's down economy, women are losing jobs more often than men. MIT Sloan Professor of Organization Studies Deborah Ancona concurs and says women still hold the minority share of top leadership positions in corporate America.

Ancona teaches in the Transforming Your Leadership Strategy program.

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Exchange 62: Now & Next Colloquium
The Exchange 62: Now & Next Colloquiumheld this past spring to commemorate the dedication of MIT's signature building, E62offered a window into the challenges faced by today's organizations and the ideas and innovations that will guide them in the future.
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MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) 2011 MIT Innovations in Management Conference
Attended by hundreds of senior business executives, this day-and-a-half program, held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, December 67, 2011, offers attendees the opportunity to engage in valuable dialogue, and gain practical insights on how to remain productive and competitive in a rapidly evolving global arena.
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