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Pierre Azoulay

Sloan Distinguished Associate Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management

Pierre Azoulay joined the MIT Sloan School faculty in July 2006. In his research, he investigates how organizational design and social networks influence the productivity of R&D in the health care sector. Currently, he is studying the impact of superstar researchers on the research productivity of their colleagues in the academic life sciences... Read More»


Technological Innovation
and Strategic Management

General Expertise:
Alliances; Biopharmaceutical; Biotechnology; Compensation; Competitive strategy; Corporate strategy and policy; Econometrics; Economics of organizations; Employee motivation; Employment relations; Human resource management; Incentives; Industrial economics; Innovation; Intellectual property; Intellectual property law; Labor market policy; Patents; Pharmaceutical; Research and development; Social networks; Strategic management; Technological innovation; Technology strategy

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Contact Information:


Tel: (617) 258-9766

Fax: (617) 253-2660


Support Staff:

Name: Catherine Sazonenka

Tel: (617) 253-6621


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Studying scientists with Pierre Azoulay

Date Added: March 01, 2012

Pierre Azoulay, an economist at MIT Sloan, studies how life scientists work - or, more precisely, what makes them work well.

Scientists: This man has your number

Date Added: February 29, 2012

Attention, star scientists: Pierre Azoulay is watching you. Not literally, of course: Azoulay, an economist, inhabits an office tucked away in the... more

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